‘WandaVision’ Will Introduce a Version of This Iconic Character Fans Have Never Seen Before

The more Marvel talks about WandaVision, the stranger it sounds. And that’s just the way Kevin Feige, Marvel’s chief creative officer and the architect of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), probably likes it. 

While Feige is seen as the wunderkind with the golden touch for superhero movies, WandaVision represents something of a risk — and not just because of its loopy mix of superhero tropes and 50s iconography. For one thing, this particular show is Feige’s baby. And for another, he says this will show Wanda becoming Scarlet Witch.

The MCU never actually calls Wanda the Scarlet Witch

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Screen Rant reports Feige spoke about the Marvel/Disney+ shows at CCXP in Brazil. He said WandaVision will transform Wanda into the Scarlet Witch. And fans may rightfully think: “Wait a minute – I thought she was Scarlet Witch already? 

Well, yes and no. Notice; however, that the movies rarely if ever actually call her that. She’s usually just referred to as Wanda.

In the comics, Wanda sprang from the X-Men and started out as a villain, with Magneto supposedly being the father of Wanda and Quicksilver, one of the few characters, if not the only one, to appear in both the Disney and Fox superhero movies. 

All told, the MCU’s version of Wanda has appeared mostly in Avengers movies, with a quick introduction in the end credits scene of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. She became consumed with guilt over a mission where she tried to redirect an explosion in Nigeria and accidentally killed people. That put the whole team into question.

In the subsequent battles with Thanos, Vision died and Wanda got caught up in the snap, but she nearly took out Thanos herself when she returned in Avengers: Endgame

How can Wanda become Scarlet Witch?

Here’s how Feige explains Wanda’s transformation, as reported by Screen Rant

“Having the opportunity to tell more of their story, to see more of what Wanda can do, more of what makes Vision Vision, and, most importantly, reveal a name that I’m not even sure we’ve said in the MCU yet, but we absolutely make a big deal of in the show, which is that Wanda is in fact the Scarlet Witch. What does that mean, that she is the Scarlet Witch? And that’s what we play into in this show, in ways that are entirely fun, entirely funny, somewhat scary, and will have repercussions for the entire future Phase 4 of the MCU.”

As he often does, Feige said a lot without actually revealing much. Fans have made note of the 50s TV look, speculating that it’s a coping mechanism for Wanda to bring back the departed Vision. Thanos killed him in Infinity War to collect the final stone he needed to execute the snap. 

How does ‘WandaVision’ tie into the ‘Doctor Strange’ sequel?

Feige has talked a lot about how WandaVision will tie into Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, marking the first time that a Marvel TV show’s story will feed directly into a movie. The TV shows have referenced the MCU before, but the Disney+ shows overseen by Feige are a whole new ballgame.

It takes his stories’ famous inter-connectivity and spreading it across multiple platforms. That’s one way to get people to subscribe to Disney’s new streaming service. 

Sometimes writers will retcon characters, which means they’ll change the backstories to reflect a change in direction. (Think Luke and Leia as brother and sister.)

Instead of Wanda’s powers coming from the Infinity stones, now they’ll be more magical in nature. Many fans suspect that Wanda will “break” in the show and go on to be the villain in the Doctor Strange sequel.

That sounds harsh for a likable character like Wanda — make that Scarlet Witch — but it would be true to the comics in that she has been a villain. We’ll have to see how it plays out when the show comes out in spring 2021, with the movie following in May.