Was Ben Affleck Struggling With His Sobriety While Dating Jennifer Lopez?

Ben Affleck’s struggle with alcohol addiction is an ongoing battle. Though he’s made various attempts to remain sober, he recently made headlines for relapsing

Reports say that his ex-wife, Jennifer Garner, has been helping him deal with it, doing everything she can to support the actor in his enduring battle with alcoholism. And while it’s nice to see, it makes one wonder whether Affleck was also struggling during his relationship with Jennifer Lopez.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck on the red carpet
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck on the red carpet | Photo by Chris Weeks/FilmMagic

Affleck’s history with alcoholism

It dates back to his childhood when Affleck would watch his father battle with alcohol abuse. As an adult, the Good Will Hunting actor picked up the same vice, allegedly using alcohol to cope with childhood trauma.

But in July of 2001, following an evening of hard-partying, Affleck checked into rehab for the very first time. 

“Ben is a self-aware and smart man who has decided that a fuller life awaits him without alcohol,” a representative for the actor said in a statement at the time (via People). “He is committed to traveling to a healthier road with the support of his family friends and fans.”

Affleck would later open up about the 30-day stint in a 2012 interview with The Hollywood Reporter, saying, “I went to rehab for being 29 and partying too much and not having a lot of boundaries and to clear my head and try to get some idea of who I wanted to be. It was more a ‘let me get myself straight,’ before it became a rite of passage.”

Ben Affleck at an event
Ben Affleck at an event | Photo by Michael Tran/FilmMagic

Affleck and Lopez got together later

According to The Daily Beast, Affleck and Lopez started dating in 2002 after meeting on the set of Gigli (2003). They became engaged in November of 2002 after Affleck proposed with a stunning 6.1-carat pink diamond ring.

Although Lopez has admitted that there “was a genuine love there,” the media frenzy surrounding the relationship forced the couple to “postpone” their 2003 wedding. In 2004, they canceled the ceremony altogether. “It was just a lot of pressure,” Lopez told People.

But sources later said that there was more to the split than the media. An insider told People that they were also too “different,” noting that J. Lo “rarely drinks, never smokes and likes to get to bed early.”

However, the insider also noted that Affleck had remained sober following his 2001 rehab stint, saying that he just liked to “carouse with the guys and gamble all night.”

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez at an award show
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez at an award show | Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Affleck seemed to stay sober for more than a decade

The Daredevil actor remained sober following his split from Lopez, and in 2004, he married Jennifer Garner. Reports say that she helped and motivated him to continue his streak.

But in 2017, Affleck checked back into rehab. He completed a program for alcohol addiction but returned to rehab the following year. In the days that have followed, Garner has been by his side, even though they split in 2015. (Their divorce was finalized in 2018.)

Affleck is currently recovering after relapsing during a 2019 Halloween party. But he later told TMZ that he’s not letting it get him down and that he’s going to get back on track.

That’s the spirit.