Was Camille Grammer Iced out of ‘RHOBH’ Because of the Brett Kavanaugh Comment?

Fans are still speculating about why Camille Grammer from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills won’t be returning to the show. This time they wonder if it was due to her support of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Grammer originally believed she was not invited back because of Kyle Richards. She also shared that the show became a toxic place for her too. “There comes a point when you realize your worth as a person,” she tweeted. “The show became very toxic. I’m not proud of the things I said that were hurtful to others. I’m better than that. I want to move on to more positive endeavors.”

Camille Grammer
Camille Grammer | Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

And while a number of fans (and Grammer) speculated as to why she is no longer on the cast, fans also wondered if it had anything to do with supportive comments she made about Kavanaugh.

She backed Kavanaugh during the show

The question of why Grammer is off the show was revived after Eileen Davidson appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. Cohen asked Davison to weigh in on “puppy gate” remarking that Grammer tried to play both sides during the ordeal. Davidson tiptoed around the question, especially after Cohen confirmed she and Grammer are friends.

But the next day Grammer’s Twitter feed lit up like a Christmas tree. More speculation about why she was cut and this time one fan wondered if it was the comment she made in support of Kavanaugh. On the show, the subject of his nomination was brought up, with Lisa Rinna staunchly against his confirmation.

Grammer rushed in to defend Kavanaugh, telling the women she understands what it is like to be falsely accused. This comment caused significant awkwardness and friction as Rinna fiercely disagreed.

She asks if people think that’s why she was cut

Grammer tweeted, “I still don’t why Andy is forcing this two-faced narrative on me. I told Teddi to her face what I said to Dennis. What the heck? I gotta laugh I was ask to tell Dense what happen after the Boy George concert, so I explained.”

Fans had their own theories, but Grammer found this interesting. “He wanted you gone for sticking up for Kavanaugh,” one fan suggested. “And guess what, you were RIGHT!” Grammer responded, “I don’t know? What do you all think. Is this true? Your thoughts?”

Fans had thoughts. Plenty of thoughts. A number of people accused Cohen of being liberally biased and that Bravo refuses to feature conservatives on the network. One person felt that Grammer represented a number of people who backed Kavanaugh. “Yes, agreed! You were brave enough to say what we all think. And most common sense thinking women know Blasey Ford was lying. Even her lawyer came out to say it was politically motivated. The others (Lisa, Teddi, etc) came off as robots repeating media talking points.”

Grammer replied, “It’s sad that we can’t have different viewpoints.” Another fan pointed out she was the perfect instrument to stir the pot. “I think it reminded the viewership that you are a rich, white woman with views that the everyday bravo fan might not agree with. I think you also stirred up inauthentic drama quite a bit. That said – I will miss you on the show.”