Was Captain America Almost Played By This ‘Gossip Girl’ Star?

If you’re an actor in Hollywood, hearing you might be hired to play a superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a bit like winning the lottery. We’ve seen evidence Marvel is still scouting out top talent, including A-listers, to play all the top roles. In Phase Four, it’s looking like they’ll continue to make stars out of those who’ve never tasted bigger bankrolls.

Then you have the “what-if” stories, one of which appears to be Gossip Girl star, Chace Crawford. He recently revealed he once had an audition to play Captain America.

What were the details behind this, and are there other unheard situations? The pain of knowing he could have been an MCU superstar seemed evident when Crawford detailed his story.

Did Chace Crawford really bow out of an audition for ‘Captain America’?

Chace Crawford
Chace Crawford | Jason Merritt/Getty Images For DirecTV

During a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Crawford was asked if the rumors were true about him auditioning for the MCU. He went on to explain they did call him in to do an audition a decade ago before Chris Evans was hired.

According to Crawford, Marvel even had a Captain America suit made for him with his name. At the time, Crawford was too busy with Gossip Girl and had a shooting schedule conflict, making it impossible for him to audition.

During the interview, Crawford laughed the whole thing off, especially when Cohen mentioned that former could have had a private jet by now. Behind the laugh was a “what did I do?!” grimace.

When the audition occurred, nobody could have guessed working for Marvel would turn into such a lucrative franchise. Even Robert Downey, Jr. (now the patriarch of the first three MCU phases) probably wasn’t thinking his shift into playing Iron Man would equate to becoming the wealthiest actor in Hollywood.

Chace Crawford and Chris Evans do resemble one another

It’s interesting to note how much Crawford does resemble Chris Evans nowadays. A decade ago, maybe not as much, but it’s clear Marvel had a certain look they wanted for Steve Rogers.

There were likely others who auditioned for the role and didn’t win, and who those actors are is still unknown. They may prefer to keep it quiet to avoid obsessing over where they’d be today.

Regardless of Crawford possibly having alt-reality dreams about where his career would be had he played Cap, he’s still done ok for himself. We’ve recently reported on his career earnings, which show he’s worth $6 million, plus steady work since Gossip Girl’s demise.

With word Gossip Girl may soon have a reboot, would Crawford go back to the show? What if Marvel made a phone call for him to audition for a different role in a future phase?

A wild scenario of Chace Crawford being too busy again with ‘Gossip Girl’

We don’t want to jinx anything, yet history sometimes repeats itself far too often in strange ways. Can you imagine a scenario where Crawford goes back to acting on Gossip Girl and then receives a new call to audition for the MCU?

Such a situation may seem unlikely. Nevertheless, it could happen, especially if Marvel gets wind of his story of auditioning for Captain America. Also, with Evans likely not returning to the role of Cap, who’s to say Crawford couldn’t play the role down the line as a replacement if they bring the older version of the character back? Then again, the current MCU Captain America is Falcon (Anthony Mackie) so there’s likely not room for Crawford anyways.