Was ‘Crashing’ On HBO Renewed for Season 4?

Comedian Pete Holmes pulled back the curtain to show audiences what life can be like for a struggling comedian. Out of the gate, Crashing honed in on what it is like when you have nothing, but everything to lose.

Pete Holmes plays a standup comedian (named Pete Holmes) who thinks he’s in a happy marriage, while his teacher-wife supports him during his quest to fulfill his dream. Of course, Pete walks in on his loving wife amid an affair.

Pete Holmes |Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

This early scene sets Pete up for a series of couch surfing opportunities with famed comedians like Artie Lange, Sarah Silverman, and T.J. Miller. Each comedian and person Pete meets along the way helps him to find his own place in comedy and ultimately graduate from being a couch surfer to having his own apartment.

Season 3 ends on a high note

The season 3 finale, Mulaney shows a newly single Pete fresh from getting kicked off the Christian comedy tour. But luck would have it that John Mulaney makes a special request to have Pete be the warm-up act for an upcoming show.

Much like the highs and lows of the series (especially this episode), Pete is overwhelmed and thrilled. However, those moments of excitement are dashed when he meets Mulaney, who turns out to be angry his assistant procured the wrong Holmes. Mulaney wanted Ben Holmes. Pete’s dreams of performing before Mulaney are destroyed.

Although Mulaney’s assistant scours for another warm-up (anyone), they are unable to secure a new act and Holmes is allowed to perform. And he crushes it. He impresses Mulaney and is granted permission not only to hang with Mulaney after the show but go to the Comedy Cellar. This is where Mulaney talks Estee who finally allows Holmes to perform. After he nails his performance, he walks off into the moonlight with Ali.

But the finale is actually the end

Crashing fans eagerly anticipated season 4. But Holmes announced Mulaney would be the last episode for the series. “Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you know that Crashing has not been picked up for a fourth season,” Holmes tweeted. “I feel so grateful and so much joy that I got to make this wonderful show with my comedy hero @JuddApatow and the amazing cast, crew and writers. Gratitude and love. Heart emoji!”

Producer Judd Apatow wrote, “Last @crashinghbo is tonight! We love our finale and I have loved every moment of working with @peteholmes and everyone associated with the show. It was nothing but a great time being creative with so many incredible friends. I will miss our collaboration and all of the joy and laughs we had together. But what I will miss most is @dannaturman.”

Mulaney too posted a picture taken with Holmes and cleared up his character during the finale. “Im on the finale of @crashinghbo right now with this taller person and my good friend @peteholmes. Pete thank you for letting me play an asshole named ‘John Mulaney’ a character that as you know Pete is not at all based on the way I can sometimes be. Congratulations on 3 seasons my friend!” Although the series ends on a positive upswing, fans are still hoping the series is reborn on Netflix or on another streaming service.

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