Was Dorit Kemsley Surprised Her Friendship With Lisa VanderpPump Ended This Way?

P.K. Kemsley from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills seemed awfully confident he could repair the fractured friendship with Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd. He was wrong.

Dorit Kemsley, Lisa Vanderpump |Photo by Nicole Weingart/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

When P.K. spoke with his wife on the show, he seemed to believe his friendship with the couple could rise above the fray. Dorit, however, was not as optimistic. She recounted instances where she was at odds with Lisa but was hopeful (but not overly confident) a friendship could be salvaged.

A dramatic lunch with Ken and Lisa sealed the deal. The lunch goes completely to the (Vanderpump) dogs as the Brits at the table try to get Dorit to agree that Lisa did nothing wrong. But Dorit sticks to her guns, which may have been the final nail in her coffin.

Lisa admits she went to TMZ

The lunch niceties didn’t last long as Dorit asks Lisa why she called TMZ instead of calling her directly. Ken pipes in asking why Dorit didn’t call Lisa. But Lisa asserts she went to TMZ to put out the fire started by the Radar Online story.

“Lisa, we’re friends,” Dorit says. She thinks Lisa should have reached out privately to her instead of making this big public statement. Dorit says in a confessional interview she thinks Lisa went to Radar Online with the false story about the dog. And then went to TMZ to “defend” her.

Ken and Lisa think Dorit should be thanking Lisa for going to TMZ to publicly defend her. But Dorit insists she still believes Lisa started the media blast. It was at that point that Lisa says the friendship is over. P.K. looks completely freaked out as Dorit says she can’t believe the friendship is over because she can’t get to a place where she believes Lisa.

Did Dorit see this coming?

Even P.K. tries to sway his wife to coming around saying if Lisa swore on her children’s lives it should be good enough for Dorit. But at that point, Ken and Lisa were out. Dorit desperately tries to tell Lisa this should not mean their friendship is done, but Lisa disagrees.

Dorit and Boy George appeared on Watch What Happens Live and host Andy Cohen asks if she thought their friendship would end. “I didn’t think it would end like that quite honestly,” she says.

Meanwhile, the WWHL audience was polled to take sides. Even though Dorit was a guest, the audience was overwhelmingly on Lisa and Ken’s side.

Have the couples reconciled since then?

The show was recorded months ago so perhaps there’s been a glimmer of a reconciliatory hope. Andy asks Dorit if she’s spoken to Lisa since the lunch. She says neither she nor P.K. has had any contact with Ken and Lisa.

The couples apparently go back for years even though the other ladies didn’t know about the friendship. The women seemed to doubt the depth of Dorit and P.K.’s ties to Ken and Lisa. Kyle Richards believes there’s no way P.K. is closer to the couple than the friendship she had with them.

Dorit responded to the ladies’ comments on WWHL. “I didn’t meet you through Lisa either,” she says. Meanwhile, Boy George is asked for his reaction to the lunch. The singer who is practically Switzerland during his appearance, says he was more excited to see what Dorit would wear to the lunch. His response was that she was dressed to get an Oscar.

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