Was Kate Chastain’s ‘Below Deck’ Twitter Game Mean?

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Below Deck fans know chief stewardess Kate Chastain has talents that extend far beyond creating a  hospitable environment for guests. She can fold a rocketship blanket with phallic qualities like its nobodies business. Plus Chastain has the answer to which typestyle best matches your personality.

Her playful approach to yachting is highly entertaining and often humorous. However, is the recent game she started on Twitter a little too mean? She isn’t shy about which crew members are her faves (Josiah Carter and Captain Lee Rosbach). But also who rubs her the wrong way.

You can tell Chastain put a lot of thought and energy into these Twitter “starter pack” creations. Chastain claims she started the game because she was “bored.” Can you guess which crew member she’s profiling and do you find the game harmless fun or mean-spirited?

This one was easy

The ‘stud of the sea’ and one of Chastain’s favorite people is profiled with gold jewelry and signature sunglasses. The Captain Lee Rosbach thread included plenty of hilarious memes and comments. One person commented, “Too funny! Nailed it-you could sell Halloween costumes!”

Another person points out Chastain forgot one vital piece of clothing. “You forgot the tighty whites.” For some reason, Rosbach’s underwear is a topic of conversation this season.

This one was also complimentary

Chastain’s man-scaped BFF also gets a friendly post. Josiah Carter, second stew and partner in crime, featured his signature sunglasses. But the Union Jack and products sealed the deal.

Comments included, “the Jack to your Karen” and “guess-timation? Josiah, of course!!! Stylish, English + my oh my…he must smell very, very nice!” One follower must have forgotten which season Chastain was in because she posted, “This is Hannah. The brand names give it away.” Chief stewardess Hannah Ferrier is from Australia.

Of course, she went with this

Although Twitter followers were quick to guess the post was about Chastain, they said she forgot a few things. “I guess adding this would’ve made it too easy,” one follower posted along with an image of a ramen package. Also, “Stale cheetos taste good.”

Another follower wanted to return to the font game. “This is better then when gave them all a font. I would like to know Kyle, Rhylee, Carolyn’s font please.”  A few other followers (again) went off script and guessed it could be Emily or Amy.” Generally, all the comments were positive.

This one was still funny but had a playful sting

While easy to guess, it poked fun at how deckhand Rylee Gerber told everyone on deck she was a boat captain. It also jabbed at the time when she had trouble keeping her top on straight too. Not one to let that go, Gerber gave it right back to Chastain. “Hmmm, not so sure when it comes down between the two of us however, my guess is i have a few more credentials than yourself when it comes down to my maritime certs …. as well as breast tissue…” she included a photo that provided evidence of “breast tissue.”

Chastain enjoyed the back and forth, adding, “It’s true. I hate bras, that’s why I wear scarves half the time. and you are correct I haven’t cashed in all my years of sea time for that captains license I need so badly. Impressed on that screen grab you found from 3 years ago though.” The two continued to exchange mean, but playfully spirited barbs throughout the post.

Gerber caught a little heat from fans, but said, “Just a “fun” little ps. I’ll always be #teamrhylee over #teamanyoneelse can’t help it if my comebacks are also met wih a little snarky jab AS WELL  **** still a fan of tho @Kate_Chastain.” Chances are, Chastain got (and probably loved) the snark.

She called out his below deck habits

Chandler Brooks has been MIA on social media since the show began. But that didn’t stop Chastain from featuring his napping style and support system. Did she take this one too far? Fans didn’t think so and piled on. “Need to add his delicate little neck protector.” one follower commented.  Another person added, “Where’s the stuffed teddy bear he snuggles with?”

Other followers begged for Chastain to play this game with other season crewmates. But this fan wondered, “Couldn’t this be Jamie from last season???? Here’s hoping she’ll replace Chandler in a crossover first!!

Did this go too far?

Anyone who follows Below Deck on Twitter knows second stew Caroline Bedol is struggling. So is Chastain’s starter pack inappropriate or is she just telling her truth? Typically Bedol fights back on Twitter trolls but has remained quiet with regard to this post.

However, game players went hard on Bedol. “The only thing I like about Caroline is that she not only lived up to but went way beyond the bar that you set in the first episode saying Psychology Majors are usually the people that you need to look out for who have psychological issues,” one follower commented. Another wrote, “Crazy Caroline” and “she definitely needs to up her meds!!! Never knew anyone to whine n cry as much as she does over the age of 7!!!”

A few people recognized Bedol may not be the best person to target right now. “It looks like it to me. If she is studying her illness and taking medicine in would say so. I have a hard time laughing at someone struggling, especially when I sense a genuine sweetness,” one person commentedAnd this “And we wonder why mental health still has a stigma and people don’t reach out for help.”

Missing from the game: Ashton Pienaar and Ross Inia. Cupid and a new bosun card anyone?

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