Was Khloé Kardashian Friends With Nipsey Hussle?

Khloé Kardashian and Nipsey Hussle’s girlfriend, Lauren London, go way back. The California natives have known each other since at least their early 20s and have celebrated some of the significant milestones together. 

They’ve seen each other through family drama, career highs, and even relationships. London was there when Kardashian fell in love with Lamar Odom, and Kardashian seemed to be one of London’s biggest supporters during her relationship with Lil Wayne. But what about Nipsey Hussle?

Was Kardashian friends with him before his untimely death in March of 2019? Let’s discuss.

Khloe Kardashian at an event
Khloe Kardashian at an event | Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

An examination of Kardashian and Hussle’s relationship

London introduced Kardashian to Hussle some time after she started dating the Victory Lap rapper in 2013. They hung out at least once, in 2014, when London invited a bunch of loved ones out to celebrate her 30th birthday with her. 

The entertainment website TheyBf reports that the group enjoyed dinner at Malibu’s Nobu restaurant and then partied at a nightclub. London later shared a trove of snapshots from the evening on her Instagram page, implying that she had the best time.

It appears to be the first and last time that Kardashian and Hussle hung out together. So, it seems safe to say that they weren’t friends. But they at least seemed to be cordial toward each other.

Kardashian and London allegedly fell out shortly after

Kardashian and London reportedly fell out after the reality star started dating one of London’s rumored exes: Trey Songz.

In July 2016, Entertainment Tonight reported that Kardashian had gotten caught making out with Songz, with an eyewitness telling the outlet, “They weren’t shy about it!” Shortly after, London posted a cryptic video about “fake b*tches” that many believed was aimed at Kardashian.

As of writing, neither of them has commented on their alleged rift. But it’s not exactly hard to believe. Kardashian and London have not been seen out together since 2015, and they don’t post about their friendship nearly as much as they used to.

Kardashian honored Hussle following his death

Hussle died on March 31 from multiple gunshot wounds. He had been hanging out at his store, the Marathon Clothing, when a man approached him and repeatedly fired at him. Hussle passed away at a nearby hospital. The man has since been arrested and is awaiting trial.

Following the tragedy, Kardashian reportedly shared some supportive words on social media. According to InTouch Weekly, she posted photos of London and Hussle to her Instagram Stories along with an emotional quote that said: “We think life is strong and love is fragile, but really it is the other way around. Life hangs by a thread a love holds the universe together.”

It’s unclear whether London responded to the reported post, and it’s hard to tell whether she and Kardashian will ever become friends again. But at least Kardashian was able to put the alleged drama to the side — even if it was only for a moment.