Was Kyle Cooke’s ‘Summer House’ Email Really Intended for This Cast Member?

The season 3 opener of Summer House centered on introducing new cast members and the elusive 17 page email Kyle Cooke sent to last year’s cast.

Last time fans saw the cast together was during an extremely awkward reunion where Cooke and his girlfriend Amanda Batula were in the hot seat. Cast members overshared their observations about the couple’s relationship, which ultimately fractured friendships. Some friendships have yet to be repaired.

Amanda Batula and Kyle Cooke|Getty Images

Not one to stew, Cooke took to the computer to comprise a missive that was seen around Manhattan. And while every past cast member received the document, one cast member insists the email was really intended for just one person.

The reunion set the scene

Bravo show reunions are ripe for setting the stage for more drama. While cast member Carl Radke has his own issues to reconcile with Stephen McGee and Lauren Wirkus, the hammer came down hard on Cooke and Batula.

The group starts to argue about how Cooke treated Batula. “I feel like, there’s certain things Kyle does that makes Amanda feel insecure,” cast member Lindsay Hubbard said, ET recounts. “Like, not giving her enough attention, because he’s trying to send it and be, like, a friend. But that then, makes Amanda insecure, so then she cries…”

Everyone throws in their two cents and the conversation gets heated. Meanwhile Batula looks like she’s going to explode. “No one’s reaching out to me, either,” she said. “I’m not getting any text messages being like, ‘Hey, Amanda…’” But is interupted. “Can I speak for one f**king second?!” she finally erupts.

Lauren Wirkus, Andy Cohen, Carl Radke, Kyle Cooke, Amanda Batula | Getty Images

The couple was iced out of the group

Lauren Wirkus admits that no one in the group speaks to Cooke and Batula after last summer, according to ET. Wirkus puts the blame on Cooke’s shoulders saying he hasn’t shown interest in the group since summer.

“You don’t want to go out because the dynamic doesn’t work for your relationship!” Wirkus insists. “How can you blame us for your relationship?”

When Batula says none of the others have contacted her, Wirkus doesn’t buy it. “Amanda, if you want to be known not as Kyle’s girlfriend, you have to act like it,” she said. “Friendship is a two-way street … have you ever called and said anything?”

This cast member thinks Cooke’s email was for one person

The Summer House cast chuckled a bit about Cooke’s email, mainly because it was so lengthy. Batula joked on Twitter, “I handle things much differently than Kyle—I like to try to talk in person. I was not on board with him sending this email, and as we have learned from #RHONJ you can’t control your man!” Cooke wrote, “17 page emails are the new twitter.”

However, Hubbard took the email pretty personally. She told ET she believes a lot of it was targeted at her and how she should treat Batula better. After Hubbard removed Batula from photos and unfollowed her on Instagram, it really got to Cooke. “I read through it and then I thought about it for the night and the next morning I was like, ‘You know what, I’m just gonna call Kyle,’” she told ET. “I was like, ‘You know, I really don’t have the time to respond with, you know, my own 17 page email, so let’s just hash this out.’”

She does turn to Cooke during the first episode and says she wants to talk about the email at some point. But not during dinner. “It’s really funny, because he has a lot of opinions,” she told ET. “He has his own side of his truth. But so do I, so you know, it was an interesting read.” What will really be interesting is watching these two actually hash it out this season. Let the games begin.

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