Was Prince William Involved in Prince Andrew’s Public Ousting?

Prince Andrew’s appearance on BBC’s Newsnight did little to shore up his image. The disgraced prince was first linked to Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged crimes over the summer. The death of Epstein in a New York City jail only intensified the scrutiny on the royal family member. Standing accused of having sex with an alleged victim of Epstein’s on multiple occasions, Prince Andrew had primarily remained underground since news of the scandal broke. His appearance on Newsnight was surely meant to make him look better and to get his side of the story out. Several media outlets are calling it the single worst move he could have made. Now, he has been removed from royal duty, and rumor has it Prince William was directly involved in the decision-making process.

Prince William allegedly helped oust Prince Andrew

Prince William, who will one day inherit the throne, was reportedly in on conversations that led to the ousting of Prince Andrew, reports Yahoo. A royal insider claims that Prince William was not only involved in the discussion but played a crucial role in the decision. He’s allegedly been taking on more responsibilities as the queen ages. His father, Prince Charles is the next in line for the throne, but William is right behind him. Because he’s been groomed for the role since childhood, it would make sense that the prince, now 37, would be looped into essential happenings within the palace.

Prince Andrew
Prince Andrew, Duke of York | Duncan McGlynn/Getty Images

It has also been reported that Prince William is not a massive fan of his uncle and that his feelings towards the disgraced royal may have played into his thoughts on the subject. While Prince William, Prince Charles, and the queen were all involved in the decision-making process, they aren’t to blame for Prince Andrew’s current plight. Prince Andrew sealed his own fate with the disastrous BBC interview he agreed to and his callous nature.

Prince Andrew’s interview was the single worst PR move in royal history

Prince Andrew took to the airwaves in an attempt to explain his connection to the late Epstein. He likely thought he could put to rest the rumors that he was linked to the sex trafficking ring that Epstein allegedly mastermind. Instead, the prince’s statements left viewers feeling a little more than off-put, and he may have placed even more scrutiny on himself.

Town and Country notes that the prince failed to address the victims of Epstein’s alleged crimes entirely. In fact, he actively sidestepped any talk of the victims.  While the prince may have meant to answer questions and place some space between himself and the scandal, what he managed to do was come across incredibly self-centered. Much of the 50-minute interview focused intently on how the scandal affected the prince and his family, the victims were served up as an afterthought. The decision may have proved fatal to Prince Andrew’s future within the royal family.

Who is taking over Prince Andrew’s royal duties?

By the time the BBC interview aired, it seems like Prince Andrew was ousted from the royal family. His public presence has been all but scrubbed from official online outlets, and his daughters are set to take over many of his duties. Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice are set to take over as patrons of the various charitable organizations he worked with, according to the New York Post.

Princess Eugenie of York (L) and Princess Beatrice of York arrive to attend the Royal Wedding of Prince William to Catherine Middleton at Westminster Abbey on April 29, 2011
Princess Eugenie of York (L) and Princess Beatrice | Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Princess Beatrice, however, is said to be heavily distressed over the current situations. It is rumored that she gave the interview the go-ahead after meeting with her father and his secretary, although she was initially skeptical. When things didn’t pan out the way she thought, she allegedly fell apart. Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice, however, have not made a public statement about the situation since their father stepped down from royal duties. It is not known how involved the royal daughters will be in royal decisions. They have not served as working royals as adults.