Was ‘Tosh.0’ Canceled Because of the Coronavirus?

First, Comedy Central canceled Drunk History. Now, the network has announced that after twelve seasons, Daniel Tosh’s topical series Tosh.0 has also been canceled. Fans are curious — did the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic have anything to do with the ViacomCBS-owned network canceling shows?

Comedian Daniel Tosh
Daniel Tosh | Michael Schwartz/WireImage

Daniel Tosh brought something unique to Comedy Central 

Tosh.0 debuted in 2009, winning audiences thanks to Tosh’s unique and dark sarcasm. He continued hosting the viral video-inspired series for eleven more seasons. Every season, Tosh would analyze popular internet memes and viral sensations, peppering jokes throughout, which made for engaging and entertaining television.  

Before the coronavirus pandemic, Comedy Central had ordered four more seasons of Tosh.0. That’s why so many fans were shocked to learn of the network’s reversal and the series’ cancellation. 

The coronavirus has had a significant impact on the entertainment industry 

Many creators in the industry have been able to find ways to work around the pandemic. But Comedy Central has decided to pivot altogether. It’s unclear whether the coronavirus was the final straw, or the network always had plans to move toward more animated shows. 

Like many cable networks, Comedy Central has had to find a way to compete with streaming services and other types of on-demand content. When the coronavirus pandemic hit the nation, it added another layer of difficultly, forcing the network to adapt. 

The pandemic could be part of the reason animation is taking over Comedy Central. Not only is animation most cost-effective — in light of the pandemic, animated programs are also safer to produce. 

Comedy Central is moving toward more animated programming 

In the past, animated series like South Park have seen success on Comedy Central. Now, the network has a Beavis and Butt-Head reboot lined up, as well as a reimagined version of The Ren & Stimpy Show. To many, it seems like all of the programming on Comedy Central be animated soon. 

Ren & Stimpy joins our rapidly expanding roster of adult animation including South ParkBeavis and Butt-Head and Clone High as we continue to reimagine our treasure chest of beloved IP for new generations,” Chris McCarthy, President of ViacomCBS Entertainment & Youth Group, said in a press release

How does Daniel Tosh feel about ‘Tosh.0’ being canceled?

Tosh appears to be dealing with the loss of his Comedy Central spot sarcastically — what did you expect?

“I look forward to doing an animated reboot of my show on MTV in 25 years,” he said in a statement. 

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Overall though, Tosh seems hopeful. The removal of Tosh.0 from Comedy Central doesn’t mean the end of the show overall.

According to Slash Film, Tosh and executive producers Charlie Siskel, Nick Malis, and Christie Smith are shopping the series around digital platforms and various networks. 

Tosh.0 has grown increasingly popular over the last decade. What’s more, the show is relatively inexpensive to produce, considering much of the content is crowd-sourced. Tosh’s producers and fans are eager to find out if Tosh.0 will get its own web redemption. 

‘Tosh.0’ will have a 12th and final season 

Fortunately for fans, there’s still one more season of Tosh.0 to consume. Unlike previous seasons, Tosh.0‘s swan song will only run for 10 episodes, with a finale set to air Nov. 24. 

Tune in to Comedy Central Sept. 15 to say goodbye to Tosh.0.