Watch Captain Marvel’s Brie Larson Survive a Remote Island on Disney+

Brie Larson can be seen in more than just the MCU movies on Disney+. The service also shows off her adventurer’s side with the National Geographic special she did with Bear Grylls.

As Marvel fans make their way through the movies, they’ll find the MCU actors popping up in unexpected places. In addition to the National Geographic show and the Captain Marvel appearances, Disney+ also serves up one of the actress’s early vehicles before she was a household name. 

How did Brie Larson get famous? 

Brie Larson on the red carpet
Brie Larson | Paras Griffin/Getty Images for BET

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Like her Marvel castmate Scarlett Johansson, Larson got her start as a child actress, with one of her first gigs being in a Jay Leno skit called Roadkill Easy-Bake Oven.

Her star gradually rose in recent years, with the actress gaining attention through her performances in movies such as Short Term 12 Scott Pilgrim vs the World, and The Spectacular Now

Then she won an Oscar for Room, where she played the mother of a young boy whose only sense of the world came from a room he and her mother had been trapped in by her kidnappers from there. It wasn’t long after that Marvel announced her as Captain Marvel, and her fame kicked up several notches. 

Before all that, however, at age 13 she starred in a 2003 movie called Right on Track, and that’s on Disney+. The movie is led by Beverly Mitchell, with Larson playing her sister. The girls become famous for being very unlikely drag racers, with Larson following in Mitchell’s footsteps. So even back then, Larson was an athlete of sorts. 

Brie Larson has an adventurous streak 

When Larson promotes her Marvel movies, the show she’s on sometimes highlights the physical training she undergoes to be the most powerful hero in the MCU. Larson has parlayed that physicality into an appearance on National Geographic, which is owned by Disney. That was Running Wild with Bear Grylls, episodes of which are on Disney+. 

According to E! Online, Larson’s episode took her to the Gulf of Panama, where she spends 48 hours with Grylls. Their hijinks include jumping from a helicopter to the ocean, and then they trek through a crocodile-filled mangrove swamp that quickly becomes a maze with the rising tide.

One of those shows also features climber Alex Honnold, with whom Larson became acquainted. Honnold is best known as the subject of the documentary Free Solo, wherein he climbs the 3.200-foot cliff El Capitan in Yosemite National Park using only his bare hands. 

Larson is not in that documentary, but the Oscar-winning documentary is on Disney+ too, and it’s well worth a look. 

Where else can you find Brie Larson?

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Larson’s most recent movie was Just Mercy, in which she played a legal assistant to a team trying to free a man wrongfully convicted of murder. The movie features fellow Marvel veterans Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Foxx and has been made available for free.

Its studio, Warner Bros., is one of several trying to raise awareness of racism in the wake of the death of George Floyd, which sparked an international firestorm. 

According to Variety, Larson said at a Hollywood lunch last year:

“When hope is in the room, curiosity and introspection of even the harshest realities can be interrogated. So I ask: where can you gain to listen and where can you bring hope? Can you help us to live in a hope that exists as not just a thought, but a process of ceaseless effort? We all have busy lives, but I can guarantee you that you can do more,” 

Larson will return as Captain Marvel in the sequel to her 2019 blockbuster, with the second movie scheduled for release in July of 2022.