Watch This College Marching Band’s AMAZING Cover of Drake’s ‘Controlla’

The amazing musicians and dancers from the Southern University marching band (more colorfully known as the “Human Jukebox”) treated fans to a truly spectacular performance this week with their cover of Drake’s smash hit “Controlla.”

The fact that there was no singer didn’t slow down this band one bit. They rearranged the song to have the instruments perform the vocal parts while the rhythm stayed spot-on.

The band from the historically Black university, considered among the best in the nation, was joined by the Dancing Dolls squad who were able to get the stadium moving with their perfectly choreographed high-energy routine.

Over-the-top performances are nothing new for the Southern band and dancers, but something about this hit from Drake’s album Views, seems to have resulted in a bigger splash than they’ve ever made before. Then again, when you see how on-point the performance is, you’ll get the feeling this is something special, clearing even the high bar the Human Jukebox has set with prior performances.

Here’s the performance from an elevated vantage point, should you want a different perspective on lights-out cover:

If you’re unfamiliar with the source material, check out Drake’s original, exceptional in its own right, here: