Watch Jennifer Garner Nearly Lose Her Mind While Meeting Her Idol

Imagine you’re sitting at home and the phone rings, and you see your idol’s name on the Caller ID. What would you do? Dissolve, of course! That’s what happened to actress Jennifer Garner when the legendary Julie Andrews ambushed Garner with a phone call.

Jennifer Garner
Jennifer Garner | Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for HFA

Get the 411 on what was said in the epic phone call and the 13 Going on 30 actress’ hilarious reaction.

She appeared on Katie Couric’s podcast recently

Garner in October was a guest on Couric’s podcast, Next Question with Katie Couric. Couric’s 30-minute podcast episodes feature the award-winning journalist discussing taboo topics such as polyamory, white supremacy, porn, and more.

“I want to understand the ‘why’ of things and not just that they’re happening,” Couric told Cosmo in September this year. “Hopefully, Next Question will help unpack the circumstances that have resulted in some trends, and give people a deeper understanding.”

During Garner’s visit on Couric’s show, she opened up to Couric about her experience dipping her toe into the business world and her most important people: her kids, and raising them in the midst of media attention and screaming headlines.

Katie Couric and Garner have another special friend in common

Both Couric and Garner share a special friendship with celebrity chef, Ina Garten.

Couric stops by Garten’s Hamptons home frequently, where they cook together and laugh a lot.

‘Last Sunday, Katie Couric stopped by to do an episode of her podcast with me,” Garten said on her website. “We had a wonderful time cooking scrambled eggs with truffle butter and talking about lots of things- life, business, cooking and entertaining, and of course, Jeffrey!”

And Garner’s friendship with the Barefoot Contessa is well documented.

The two spend a lot of time together doing, what else?, trying out new recipes and cooking.

The actress said on Instagram of Garten, “I understand if this brings up big feelings for you, but I spent the morning with @inagarten. In her barn kitchen, in her garden, having coffee…yes. It’s true. I even got a sneak peek of the new Barefoot Contessa cookbook— #CookLikeAPro— it’s fabulous. Thank you for the perfect morning, Ina, you are beloved for a reason. I can’t wait to continue the conversation.”

Garner says Katie Couric had a role in her fangirl moment phone call

The 47-year-old actress said on Instagram that Couric asked Julie Andrews to call her. It was the shock and surprise of her life when her idol did just that.

In the call, Andrews did some gushing of her own by telling Garner that she’s a huge fan of hers. “I am a huge fan. I love what you do,” Andrews told Garner. “Katie was just telling me you’re pretty admiring of me too, so I thought, ‘Well let’s just have a chat!'”

For her part, Garner was overcome with what appears to be a mingling of joy, embarrassment, and giddiness. The mother of three continually covered her face listening to Andrews, in apparent disbelief at their conversation.

Garner’s astonishment is understandable. Andrews is someone she has clearly looked up to all of her life.

Her reaction to Andrews was both adorable and relatable, two words used often with this actress who keeps proving she really is just like us.

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