Watch Roseanne Barr Scream About Valerie Jarrett Tweet in New Video

Comedian Roseanne Barr has just released a shocking new video in which she angrily screams about Valerie Jarrett, saying she thought the former Obama Administration official was white before sending her controversial tweet in May.

Barr had previously promised to release a video on her YouTube account offering a full explanation of what happened. She has now indeed posted a video of herself on her account, but it’s hardly a full explanation. In fact, it’s only about a minute long.

The video begins with Barr talking with producers off-camera, who seem to be trying to give her instructions on how to proceed with filming the apology; it appears she had been changing her outfit and they were trying to get her to stay with one so as to retain continuity.

Barr grows increasingly angry while smoking a cigarette as the producer tries to explain this to her, and she eventually grows frustrated and begins screaming.

“I’m trying to talk about Iran!” she yells. “I’m trying to talk about Valerie Jarrett and the Iran deal! That’s what my tweet was about! I thought the b*tch was white! God dammit! I thought the b*tch was white! F*ck!”

The video cuts off right there. Needless to say, this is a dramatic shift in tone from the last time we heard from Barr. That happened last month when she was interviewed by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach. In this tearful exchange, Barr became extremely emotional and said that she deeply regrets her actions.

“I lost everything, and I regretted it before I lost everything,” she said at the time. “And I said to God, ‘I am willing to accept whatever consequences this brings because I know I’ve done wrong. I’m willing to accept what the consequences are,’ and I do, and I have.”

She did claim in that interview that her tweet wasn’t actually racist, though. “I’m a lot of things, a loud mouth and all that stuff,” she said. “But I’m not stupid for God’s sake. I never would have wittingly called any black person and say they are a monkey. I just wouldn’t do that. I didn’t do that. And people think that I did that and it just kills me. I’m just so sorry that I was so unclear and stupid.”

Roseanne Barr

Roseanne Barr | Valerie Macon/AFP/Getty Images

In Barr’s original tweet, she compared Jarret, who is black, to an ape, writing, “Muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby=vj.” Although Barr had made shocking statements on her Twitter account before, this turned out to be the last straw for ABC, with the network canceling Roseanne in response and later ordering a spinoff without Barr’s involvement.

In addition to saying that she thought Jarret was white when she made her tweet, Barr has also claimed that she was actually referencing the plot of Planet of the Apes. She tweeted in June, “Rod Serling wrote Planet of The Apes. It was about anti-semitism. That is what my tweet referred to-the anti semitism of the Iran deal. Low IQ ppl can think whatever they want.”