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WayV is a Chinese sub-unit of SM Entertainment’s group, NCT. Two of WayV’s members, Lucas and Ten, recently debuted in the new K-pop group, SuperM. While some fans worried Ten and Lucas’ involvement in SuperM would hinder WayV, the group just announced their newest comeback.

WayV comeback
Members of WayV | Hu Chengwei/Getty Images for AFI

WayV will release ‘Take Over the Moon’

WayV just announced the release of their next mini-album, Take Over the Moon. The group released a promotional photo of the album and teaser photos. While there is not a release date for the album yet, a music video will be released on Oct.29.

Fans noticed how WayV’s recent photo of the group shows the members posing as the different cycles of the moon.

“Kun the Earth Lucas the Waxing Gibbous Ten the Full Moon Xiaojun Waning Gibbous Yangyang the Waning Crescent Hendery the New Moon Winwin the Waxing Crescent,” a fan wrote on Twitter.

‘Take Over the Moon’ is WayV’s third album

The group first debuted in January 2019 under SM Entertainment’s Chinese label, Label V. Their first EP, The Vision, consisted of three songs. “Regular” and “Come Back” are Chinese versions of NCT 127’s songs by the same name, and “Dream Launch” is an original song.

In May 2019, WayV released the mini-album, Take Off. The album features six songs including “Regular” and “Dream Launch.” The group also released the new single “Take Off” along with “Say It,” “Come Back,” and “Let Me Love U.” Take Over the Moon is WayV’s third album.

Who are the members of WayV?

WayV is made up of seven members. Kun is the leader of the group, the main vocalist, and a rapper. He was born in China in 1996. Kun first joined SM Entertainment in 2015 and joined NCT in 2018.

Ten is the second-oldest member of WayV and was born in Thailand in 1996. He is the group’s main dancer, lead rapper, and lead vocalist. In 2016, Ten debuted in NCT’s first sub-unit, NCT U. He recently debuted in SM Entertainment’s new group, SuperM.

Lucas is also a member of SuperM along with Ten. In WayV, he is the main rapper, center, and a vocalist. Lucas is 20 years old and was born in Hong Kong in 1999. WinWin joined SM Entertainment with Kun in 2015. Before debuting with WayV, WinWin also appeared in NCT U and NCT 127. In WayV, WinWin is the group’s visual and is a vocalist and lead dancer.

WayV marks the official debut of Xiaojun, Hendery, and Yangyang. Xiaojun is WayV’s main vocalist and a rapper. He is 20 years old and was born in China in 1999. Hendery was also born in 1999 and is WayV’s visual, rapper, lead dancer, and vocalist. Yangyang is WayV’s youngest member and was born in 2000. He is the group’s main rapper, lead dancer, and a vocalist.

Fans wonder how the new album connects with the group’s previous work

When WayV announced their comeback, fans immediately began speculating on how Take Over the Moon connects with WayV’s previous albums.

“so dream launch was them planning their adventure out etc. take off was them literally taking off (‘launching’) & being on their way. now they’ve arrived & it’s time for them to take over the moon? (hence the clock). theyre on a space journey #WayV_TakeOverTheMoon,” a fan tweeted.

“And what if WayV in Dream Launch was on his way to the moon? At the end of the video you can see that they watch the earth from far away #WayV_TakeOverTheMoon,” a fan tweeted.