Weekend Box Office: ‘American Made’ Scores Lowest Tom Cruise Opening in Five Years

Based on the estimates coming in from this weekend, it looks like American Made is the worst-performing Tom Cruise movie in five years.

American Made‘s current reported weekend gross is $17 million, according to Box Office Mojo, a disappointing opening considering the film cost $50 million to produce and received positive reviews from critics. Overseas, though, the film has made $64 million, bringing its total take thus far to $81 million.

Still, that $17 million U.S. opening makes this the worst performing Tom Cruise led movie since 2012. That was the year of the first Jack Reacher, which grossed $15 million in its opening weekend. American Made is also the second Cruise film to be released this year and to disappoint at the box office. Back in June, The Mummy scored an opening weekend of $31 million, a pretty dismal showing considering it cost $125 million to produce and was intended to be a major summer blockbuster. The film went on to take in a disappointing $80 million domestically, though it was saved by the overseas gross of $327 million.

Tom Cruise in American Made

Tom Cruise in American Made. | Universal Pictures

Over the past few years, Tom Cruise has struggled to make a splash in the United States with movies that are not a part of the Mission Impossible franchise. Those spy sequels continue to perform well, but since 2010, none of Cruise’s other films have really been smash hits. Knight and DayRock of AgesOblivionEdge of TomorrowJack Reacher: Never Go Back and The Mummy all underperformed, while only Jack Reacher was really a modest success with a gross of $80 million on a $60 million budget.

So what can we make of American Made‘s disappointing showing? Well, it’s worth noting that the film is only playing on about 3,000 screens right now compared to the 3,300 screens of Jack Reacher. There’s also the fact that the film apparently failed to attract those between the ages of 18 and 25. According to Deadline, 91 percent of those who went to see American Made this weekend were over 25.

Box Office Mojo projects that American Made will wind up grossing about $55 million domestically, which would be Cruise’s worst-performing film since Rock of Ages. Even Jack Reacher, which opened to a disappointing $15 million, still ended up taking in $80 million. But Jack Reacher was also released in December right before Christmas, which gave it plenty of time to build up some momentum over the holiday break. American Made is unlikely to have the legs that Jack Reacher had, and it faces some serious competition next week when Blade Runner 2049 hits theaters.