Weekend Box Office Readies for ‘Veronica Mars’ and ‘Need for Speed’

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The Box Office is opening with three promising movies this weekend, and ticket sales are likely to go well, with Need for SpeedTyler Perry’s Single Moms Club, and Veronica Mars hitting theaters. All three have different things going for them, but some have more pressure to make up on revenue than others. Need for Speed – with it’s production budget of $66 million and its inability to entirely live up to the Fast & Furious franchise — will need significant success over the weekend and subsequent period in order to make itself a success monetarily — and DreamWorks is very much in need of a win this time around after a number of failures in theaters recently.

The film’s plot follows Tobey Marshall (Aaron Paul), fresh from prison with revenge on his mind, leading him to join a major race across the country in order to get back at his ex-partner. There’s also his trusty crew of buddies to back him up, and a love interest — no surprise there. The film has two distinct advantages that should help it speed past financial doubts. The first has to do with its overseas premiere, which will be a day-and-date premiere, meaning it will come out in places like China both in theaters and on other platforms. Projections for the film are somewhere in the mid-$20 millions domestically, according to Variety, not bad considering it has competition in both new releases and older recent releases such as Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel. The fact that Aaron Paul is starring can only help after the insane popularity of Breaking Bad saw its climactic finish.

Veronica Mars, on the other hand, has a strong fan base in its favor leftover from its time on TV, plus it has a unique origin; funded by Kickstarter with 91,585 donations that far surpassed the $2,000,000 goal to hit $5,702,153, Veronica Mars was clearly much desired by 91,585 individuals. Prices for supporting the film included everything from t-shirts, to signed posters, to bit parts in the film for especially hefty donations. “This movie would not exist if we had not gone down this path,” said Producer and man behind the Kickstarter move, Rob Thomas, according to the Associated Press.

Perry’s Single Mom’s Club has a solid fan base as well, and historically, the franchise has done very well. According to Box Office Mojo, nine of the last Tyler Perry films have reached at least $20 million upon opening, an amazing consistency, and one likely due in large part to it’s popularity with African-American and female audiences. This time around, the franchise hopes to draw in a Hispanic audience as well, and Box Office Mojo reports that Lionsgate is modestly expecting opening revenue somewhere in the mid to high teens — a number it’s likely to reach and could exceed if competitors and theaters don’t draw away too many viewers.

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