‘Welcome to Plathville’: Daughter-In-Law, Olivia Plath, Suggests Life on the Farm Is Not Idyllic

Welcome to Plathvile, the show that many people believed would replace Counting On is off to a rocky start. TLC has aired just a few episodes of the new reality TV offering, and family members are already speaking out about life on the farm and its less-than-idyllic nature. Without a Crystal Ball spoke with Olivia Plath about life on the family’s farm, and she had absolutely nothing nice to say about the family matriarch, Kim.

Who is the Plath family?

The Plath family is the focus of TLC’s newest show, Welcome to Plathville. The show follows the family’s life living on a farm in rural Georgia. The 55-acre spread allows the kids to roam freely without interacting with the outside world. They’ve never had a taste of sugar, they don’t know basic pop culture references, and they’ve never watched television.

At the helm of the family is Kim and Barry Plath. Together they are raising more than a handful of kids, two of whom are already married and out of the house. The Plath family suffered a tragic loss in 2008 when their 18-month old son, Joshua was killed in an accident. According to the family’s website, Joshua was outside with his mother while she handled farm chores. She jumped into the family’s vehicle to move to the next tree and accidentally ran over the child. He died before paramedics reached him.

Now, with a TLC show currently airing, the family is facing turmoil as Kim and Barry go head-to-head with their eldest son’s new wife. Olivia, who was partially raised in the same ultra-conservative Christian sect as the Plath’s, is more “worldly” than the Plaths would like. She drinks alcohol, enjoys sugar and is seemingly helping two of the young Plath kids break-free from their technology-deficient lifestyle.

Olivia Plath claims Kim is mean-spirited and cold

For new fans, the conflict seemed pretty basic. Kim has a desire to keep her kids in a lifestyle she feels is right, and Olivia is pulling them away from that. It looks like there is more to the story, though. Olivia alleges that Kim is cold and mean-spirited. She claims that Kim is also incredibly hypocritical. While she doesn’t allow her children to enjoy sugar or technology, Kim allegedly does.

Olivia told Without a Crystal Ball that Kim spends much of her time watching videos on her phone. Instead of caring for her large brood of children, she allegedly delegates tasks to the children who remain on the farm. The Duggar family has also been accused of appointing parenting tasks to their oldest children. In fact, the Duggar kids have essentially admitted that they raised each other.

Kim Plath allegedly runs the household

Olivia has shared a lot about Kim and Barry with Without a Crystal Ball. The show makes it sound like Olivia burst onto the scene and turned the family’s life upside down. It seems like that ball was already rolling long before Olivia married Ethan Plath, based on Olivia’s statements. Ethan was allegedly ready to leave the family’s oppressive lifestyle when he met Olivia, and he notes that he has a strained relationship with his mother. In fact, he shared that his mother hasn’t hugged him since he was roughly 12-years-old. He also claims that she is selfish.

According to reports, Kim is the family member in charge, and it seems their involvement in the no-technology movement has been Kim’s idea entirely. Both Ethan and Olivia claim that Kim runs the show and that Barry is merely along for the ride. The TLC cameras seem to capture that well. Many fans have noted that the family matriarch appears to be in control of the family, a deviation from what is typically seen from ultra-conservative Christian families.