‘Welcome To The Blumhouse’: Everything We Know About the Horror Film Series

Halloween is fast approaching, and that means tons of scary content for horror lovers. With that in mind, here is everything we know about the Amazon Prime original, Welcome To The Blumhouse.

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‘Welcome To The Blumhouse’ is a horror anthology

“Four original movies under one roof,” boasts the Amazon Prime Video trailer for Welcome To The Blumhouse. The streaming giant will present a selection of original flicks as an anthology series targeted to horror aficionados.

Deadline quoted Julie Rapaport, Co-Head of Movies for Amazon Studios, as saying, “We are excited to launch Welcome to the Blumhouse with this exhilarating and provocative slate of original films for the first time ever on Prime Video. This collection from diverse and emerging filmmakers was a thrill to put together with our wonderful partners at Blumhouse Television.” 

The trailer teases a smorgasbord of terror

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In the Welcome To The Blumhouse trailer, fans get a peek at some of the haunting images from the first four of the eight anthology films. The chilling stories featured in the trailer are titled The Lie, Black Box, Evil Eye, and Nocturne.

“I run my mind; it doesn’t run me,” say the characters in the trailer. That line echos throughout the 1-minute 18-second teaser as the pace quickens, and the tension rises. Tears, blood splatter, piercing screams, scampering creatures, icy water, and warm tears paint pictures that come together for a delicious nightmare. And Amazon Prime Video invites viewers to “unsettle in.”

“These chilling stories have something for everyone — ready to fright and delight genre fans and newcomers alike — and we are excited to share them with our global Prime Video customers,” said Rapaport, according to Deadline.

The series boasts all-star talent

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Media buffs will notice a virtual who’s who in Hollywood in the Welcome To The Blumhouse trailer. Appearing in the anthology are Mireille Enos, Peter Sarsgaard, Joey King, Troy James, Tosin Morohunfola, Sydney Sweeny, Sarita Choudhury, and the legendary Phylicia Rashad, among other dramatic heavy hitters.

Deadline also revealed the minds behind the movies. Veena Sud helmed The Lie, and Emmanuel Osei-Kuffour Jr. spearheaded Black Box. Creative leads Elan Dassani and Rajeev Dassani brought Evil Eye to life, and Zu Quirke is the filmmaker who steered Nocturne.

‘Welcome To The Blumhouse’ will premiere in time for Halloween season

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Amazon Prime Video will launch Welcome To The Blumhouse in October, just in time to get into the Halloween spirit. The Lie and Black Box will be made available to the streaming audience on Oct. 6, and Evil Eye and Nocturne will launch on Oct. 13. Four additional films within the anthology series will debut in 2021.

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