Wendy Williams Divorce: Andy Cohen Ends Feud With Williams With the Kindest Note

Wendy Williams, the provocative and sometimes controversial host of The Wendy Williams Show, has been making a lot of big changes since she filed for divorce from her longtime husband earlier this year. Many people are aware about the way that the divorce has changed Williams’ personal life.

For one, she moved from New Jersey to an apartment of her own in New York. Along with the new locale, she’s piecing together a new social scene and packing her schedule with events and dates. Part of this “new” life, though, seems to involve reconnecting with some old friends—some who have been intentionally distant over the years. 

One such friend is Andy Cohen. The two did not speak for several years, but Cohen recently appeared on Williams’ show, and she is set to appear on his in September. What changed, and what does it mean about Williams’ life going forward? 

Wendy Williams’ divorce was a long time in the making

Wendy Williams
Wendy Williams | Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for SiriusXM

Williams had been with her husband, Kevin Hunter, since the 1990s. They were married in 1997 and had a son three years later. While they had a very long marriage, Williams revealed in her book Wendy’s Got the Heat that Hunter was unfaithful to her shortly after their son was born.

The pair worked through that challenge, but in 2017, rumors began to swirl about Hunter’s renewed infidelity. This time, Hunter was romantically linked to a massage therapist. 

In addition to these tales of cheating, many sources report that Hunter was physically abusive to Williams, including reports from Hunter’s own mother, who allegedly witnessed the abuse. Still, Williams stood by her husband and went on air in early 2019 to say that her wedding ring was staying put and that the rumors were just part of a rough patch like any normal marriage faces. 

Williams moved for divorce amid personal health concerns

Just a few short months later, though, Williams served Hunter divorce papers. The final straw may have been even more rumors of infidelity.

Whatever the case, the drama was clearly taking a toll on Williams who publicly put a hiatus on her show while she dealt with health issues. Privately, those close to her suggested she was struggling with her sobriety. 

Divorcing Hunter seems to have helped Williams regain control over her life, and her show is now back.

As Williams builds her new life, it seems like some of the old bridges that had been burned with former friends may also have a chance at renewal. 

Hunter kept people distant

Hunter was not only Williams’ spouse. From early in their relationship, he was her manager. He was also an executive producer on her show, and he was only recently removed from that position.

Apparently, his influence on the set of the show was a huge turnoff for many people. He was reportedly very controlling about who had access to Williams, and the set in his absence is much more welcoming—if maybe a bit more chaotic.  

One of those people who felt unwelcome with Hunter around was Andy Cohen. 

After Williams’ divorce announcement went public, Cohen wrote Williams a letter.

In it he noted, “Your husband was not my biggest fan. But I want you to know, I’ve been cheering you on for the last six years.”

Cohen’s gesture of goodwill was enough to spark a reconnection with Williams and an eventual invitation to her show. 

Many speculate that it was Hunter, not Williams, who was responsible for driving people away. Apparently, Cohen is not the only person who has reached out to Williams to let her know that any former misgivings could be set aside. Charlamagne tha God told Page Six that he, too, reached out to her following her split from Hunter. 

As Williams pieces together a new life free from the influence of Hunter, it’s possible that even more relationships from her past will be rekindled, giving her the support group she needs to come out stronger than ever.