Wendy Williams Gives Fans a Surprising Divorce Update

Can we just say, the more Wendy Williams lets us into her life, the more we can’t help but love her. The veteran talk show host has been no stranger to the gossip outlets lately, but that doesn’t stop her from maintaining a positive outlook and an upbeat spirit.

Williams, who confirmed last month she is indeed divorcing her husband, Kevin Hunter, hasn’t been shy in making sly and not so subtle remarks about her pending divorce. While fans worry about how prolonged litigation could affect her sobriety and mental health, Williams is making it clear that she is doing just fine. In fact, she recently gave fans a surprising update about her divorce.

Wendy Williams
Wendy Williams and her soon-to-be ex-husband | John Lamparski/WireImage

What’s at stake in the divorce?

It’s no secret the former radio host was the major breadwinner in the Hunter/Williams family. Though Hunter worked as an executive producer at The Wendy Williams Show and was also the star’s manager, Williams was the primary financial provider.

Hunter has an estimated net worth of $7.5 million – not too shabby. On the other hand, Williams has accrued a far greater net worth, coming in at $40 million. While this allows Williams to maintain a lavish bachelorette pad (more on that later), it does put the 54-year-old in a difficult spot when it comes to her divorce.

Working against Williams is the fact that she does not have a prenup. This means Hunter is not limited to what he can ask for in the divorce. And don’t think that remorse or guilt will hold Hunter back from taking Williams for all she’s worth, because the money game has already begun.

In response to Williams’ petition for divorce, the TV producer asked for an equal division of property gained during the marriage. He also requested spousal support, child support, and attorney fees. Furthermore, he has requested the talk show host cover the entirety of their 18-year-old son’s college education.

Williams says the divorce is moving along ‘pleasantly’

Williams doesn’t usually talk directly about her ongoing divorce, so it was somewhat of a surprise when she told her audience that the ongoing proceedings are going “pleasantly.” This response came just days after her soon-to-be-ex asked for everything but the moon in his divorce response.

She did follow up with a request for privacy, though she acknowledged the irony of her request, noting, “it’s hard to say, ‘give privacy’ because I don’t give privacy when I’m doing the rest of the stories, so you do what you want.”

Is she already dating?

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It’s hard to see a marriage of over 20 years dissolve, no matter what the circumstances. Though Williams told her audience she is a “single woman running around the streets of New York,” (to which she got an overwhelming roar of approval from the audience), she admitted that you “don’t just throw away 25 years, lock, stock, and barrel.”

That being said, the talk show told her audience that she has the ultimate bachelorette pad with a spectacular view and admitted that she is “rediscovering her love of men.” Williams told her audience that she does not currently have a boyfriend, but she does date. As for the bachelorette pad, the host told her audience, “the parade of men will continue.”