Wendy Williams Is Getting Over Kevin Hunter in the Best Way Possible

The Wendy Williams saga just got another twist, in the most interesting way possible. The talk show host is going through a public divorce from her husband and former manager Kevin Hunter, but just spoke out on her show, giving fans an update on her life and social schedule.

Although many might have thought that Williams would lie low while the divorce plays out, it seems the sassy television personality is actually living her best life.

Wendy Williams with her ex and son
Wendy Williams with her ex and son | Bruce Glikas/Bruce Glikas/Getty Images

What led Wendy Williams to divorce Kevin Hunter?

Wendy Williams and Kevin Hunter first met in the mid-90s and married after a brief period of dating. Williams was already a successful radio personality, beloved by listeners for her realistic, amusing take on the hot topics of the day. Hunter had no previous management experience, but following their marriage, became Wendy Williams’ manager, helping direct both her life and career. They welcomed a son together, Kevin Hunter, Jr., and worked on Williams’ talk show, The Wendy Williams Show

In spite of their accomplishments as a couple, Williams and Hunter had far from an ideal relationship. In her biography, Williams revealed Hunter had cheated on her but they had decided to try and work past it for the sake of their family. Unfortunately, it seemed like Hunter didn’t learn his lesson.

Affair rumors start again

Within the past several years, rumors of Hunter being unfaithful to Williams started swirling again, this time, with a massage therapist named Sharina Hudson. Neither Hunter or Williams spoke out about the rumors directly, but when more and more photographs started surfacing of Hunter and Hudson together, the rumblings seemed hard to ignore.

Everything reached a boiling point in early 2019 when tabloids started reporting Hudson had given birth to a baby girl – and that Hunter was the father. This news coincided with Williams’ very public struggle with sobriety, and the combination seemed to be altogether too much for the embattled talk show host. In early April, it was revealed that Williams had filed for divorce from her husband of almost twenty-two years. 

Is Williams dating anyone right now?

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Going through a divorce in the public eye is certainly not an easy thing, but Williams seems to be thriving. On recent episodes of her talk show, she has opened up to the audience about how she is reconnecting with friends, learning new things about herself, and spending time with family. 

She is also open to dating someone new. On the May 14th episode of The Wendy Williams Show, she gave her audience a peek into her new life as a single woman and revealed that she has moved into a fabulous bachelorette apartment. Williams went on to say that while she’s not dating any one person specifically, she is dating often, and has “rediscovered her love of men.” This is great news for Williams’ fans, who have watched the host struggle for several months – she truly seems to have gotten her spark back.

Why Williams wants the divorce to be amicable

Wendy Williams also made mention of her ex-husband during the May 14th episode. She admitted that her divorce was going “pleasantly,” and that she didn’t want to just throw 25 years of marriage away. Williams said that her and Hunter’s son, Kevin Hunter, Jr., is spending time with them both, and while she didn’t state it explicitly, the undercurrent to her words seemed to imply that she wouldn’t bash her soon-to-be ex-husband.

No matter what the coming months bring for Wendy Williams, it is certain that the outspoken talk show host will continue to update her viewers on her exciting new life and all the big developments.