Wendy Williams Is One Step Closer to Moving On From Her Ex Kevin Hunter

It seems as though Wendy Williams is truly living her best life. The formerly embattled talk show host has spent the best summer possible getting over her ex-husband Kevin Hunter by spending time with friends and family, hitting the town, and dating often. With her show going on hiatus following a successful tenth season, Williams will now have more time than ever to focus on tying up the loose ends in her divorce from Hunter and getting on with her life. 

Why did Wendy Williams divorce Kevin Hunter?

Wendy Williams | Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for SiriusXM

For years, reports dogged Williams’ relationship with her husband. The two lived and worked together, as they had since the mid-90s when Williams first met Hunter and made him her business manager. Still, tabloids consistently claimed that Hunter had been unfaithful to Williams multiple times. Williams would never address the reports on the air, although she did admit in her biography that the two had been through their fair share of ups and downs in their marriage.

Several years ago, reports first started to surface that Hunter had taken a mistress named Sharina Hudson, a massage therapist. The reports seemed to coincide with Williams’ ongoing health struggles, including Graves disease and an episode of fainting during the taping of her show. In early 2019, several media outlets claimed that Hudson had a baby and that Hunter was the father. Williams’ legions of fans waited and watched to see what she might do next, and ultimately, in April 2019, she filed for divorce from Hunter. 

Wendy Williams shut down reconciliation reports

In the months since the divorce news was first announced, Williams has seemed to be better than ever. She has been very open with her viewers, whom she calls her “co-hosts,” offering up some of the details of her new life. Formerly somewhat reclusive in her offscreen hours, Williams has become a social butterfly, making new friends and getting spotted out and about in New York City quite frequently. She’s even been hanging out with Blac Chyna, a woman she used to feud with. 

Some have questioned whether or not Williams could get back together with Hunter. After all, the two were together for over two decades and share a teenage son, Kevin Hunter, Jr. Still, it seems as though Williams has no intention of going back to her ex. In a recent interview, Williams shut down reconciliation reports with a hearty “girl, no.” Furthermore, a brand-new report reveals that Williams not only isn’t getting back with Hunter but that she’s ready to close that chapter of her life for good.

Wendy Williams is selling her and Kevin Hunter’s former home

Page Six reports that Williams just listed her and Hunter’s former marital home, located in Livingston, New Jersey. Williams has talked on her show about being primarily based in New York in the months since her divorce, so it seems likely that she hasn’t lived at the New Jersey house in some time. The home is fit for the queen of daytime TV and features a huge basement and marble master bathroom. Proving that she’s just ready to move on, Williams’ home is listed for less than what they paid for it upon the initial purchase. 

A source for Page Six claims that Williams is more than ready to sell the home and distance herself from all the memories there. Whether or not Williams is ready to buy another home, that remains to be seen – for now, she seems to be enjoying the single life and making new memories with her son, her rumored doctor boyfriend, and all of her exciting celebrity friends.