Wendy Williams: I’ve Moved On But I Need a Divorce Yesterday

Talk show host and queen of all media Wendy Williams is opening up about her divorce and revealing her feelings as never before. Williams filed for divorce from her husband of over two decades in April 2019 and, ever since, fans have been hungry for information regarding the proceedings. While Williams has been an open book for her fans on many things, most of the sordid details of her divorce have been kept under wraps. However, on August 6th, Williams sat down for an intimate interview that let fans know how she’s really feeling about her ex, Kevin Hunter.

Why did Wendy Williams divorce Kevin Hunter?

Wendy Williams
Wendy Williams | Paras Griffin/Getty Images

For much of her professional life, Williams was involved with Hunter. The two first met in the mid-90s, after Williams had established a successful career in radio. Hunter, a salon manager, was hired on as Williams’ manager around the same time that the two started dating. When Williams took her popular radio show to TV in 2008, Hunter came along for the ride as one of the show’s producers. By that time, they were married and had a young son: Kevin Hunter, Jr.

The relationship between Williams and Hunter has never been picture-perfect. Rumors of infidelity have dogged Hunter for years, with Williams even acknowledging his cheating in her best-selling memoir. Still, they seemed determined to work through problems as a united front, and Williams publicly defended Hunter on her TV show many times. That is, the spring of this year when reports surfaced that Hunter had fathered a child with his longtime mistress: Sharina Hudson. For Williams, that was the straw that broke the camel’s back, and in April, the divorce filing was announced.

Kevin Hunter is making Wendy Williams’ life difficult

From the get-go, the divorce was mired in both drama and secrecy. Fans wondered whether or not Williams would continue to do business with her longtime partner. Then, news reports revealed that Hunter was involved in an altercation with him and Williams’ son, Williams stayed mum on that subject, although she did make sure to point out that they are still a family, in spite of all that they have endured. 

In her recent interview with Fox 5, Williams was asked whether Hunter was making the divorce difficult, and while initially, she bridled at the question by stating, “that’s our business,” she admitted that she needed the divorce, “yesterday. NOW.” Williams said that while she and Hunter will always be friends, she clarified that she is not and will not get involved in any more business partnerships with him. 

Wendy Williams is ready to move on

In her revealing interview, Williams talked about her decision to sell her and Hunter’s family home in New Jersey. While she discussed how much input she had in the design of the home and seemed moved by all the memories there, she did state that she is ready to move on. Williams has a “fabulous” apartment in New York that she shares with her son and seems more than ready to take on the next chapter of her life with grace and style.

One thing that Williams didn’t discuss in the interview was her dating life — she stated that she was available and has a very active social life, but stayed mum on whether or not she was still seeing her rumored doctor boyfriend.

The Wendy Williams Show will be returning for all-new episodes in September, and in the meantime, stay tuned to Showbiz Cheat Sheet for all the latest Wendy Williams news!