Wendy Williams Just Called This Major Celebrity an ‘Old Grandma’

You’re not a major celebrity until Wendy Williams has commented on your love life. The legendary talk show host had some choice words for a legendary pop singer. Here’s what Williams said about Madonna‘s rumored relationship with a dancer. 

Wendy Williams | Steve Zak Photography/FilmMagic

Madonna’s alleged new beau

According to HollywoodLife, on Dec. 13, 2019, Madonna was spotted with Ahlamalik Williams, one of her backup dancers. Madonna is 61, while the dancer is 25, a mere three years older than Madonna’s daughter, Lourdes. Wendy Williams commented on the age difference between Madonna and her dancer.

“He is three years older than her daughter, Lourdes. They’re all on the same vacation and there’s old grandma booed up with a 25-year-old. Here’s what I feel about stuff like that, because when I go out I get the side eye from young boys.” Williams added “But, here’s the thing, it’s supposed to be a one night stand, if that — not a boyfriend.”

Williams went so far as to say that she pities Madonna. “You know what, she’s become that old lady that I feel bad for. Because, I don’t think she understands that it’s OK to grow older gracefully. Like, we do stuff, we go through stuff. If a 26-year-old girl is lucky, she’ll live to be 61 like you, Madonna. It’s OK!”

Wendy Williams hated Madonna’s Billboard Music Awards Performance

Wendy Williams | Daniel Zuchnik/WireImage

This isn’t the first time Williams criticized Madonna for her age. On May 2, 2019, Yahoo Entertainment reported Williams was unimpressed with Madonna’s performance at the Billboard Music Awards. “She moves like an old lady…and if you move like an old lady then you should just stick to your old lady moves.” 

She added “Those stupid grills, and the patch over her eye, and she was sitting on the floor, and the dancers were dragging her around like a wet dishrag…like, eww.” She added that she’d prefer Madonna to sing her old hits rather than newer songs, saying “Just stick with the old stuff, ‘Material Girl’ and junk. We like that.”

Madonna lashes out at ageism

Madonna is known for being outspoken. However, she hasn’t reacted to Williams’ comments. She has criticized ageism before. 

Madonna | Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for Billboard Magazine

The New York Daily News reported the singer said “I take care of myself. I’m in good shape. I can show my *ss when I’m 56, or 66 — or 76. Who’s to say when I can show my *ss? It’s sexism. It’s ageism. And it’s a kind of discrimination.”

She continued “Does somebody ask Steven Spielberg why he’s still making movies? Hasn’t he had enough success? … Did somebody go to Pablo Picasso and say, ‘OK, you’re 80 years old. Haven’t you painted enough paintings?’ ”

Madonna continued “I’ll stop doing everything that I do when I don’t want to do it anymore. I’ll stop when I run out of ideas. I’ll stop when you…kill me. How about that?” Madonna added that ageist comments are “bullsh*t. And mostly I hear [them] from women. I feel I should be hearing support — like, ‘Good for you.’”