Wendy Williams Reveals Her Shocking View on Marriage After Suffering Betrayal

Talk show host Wendy Williams returned to her famous “purple chair” on September 16th to dish the dirt on celebrities and their often-sordid personal lives. She has made her career talking about “hot topics” ever since she first began on radio decades over.

Still, over the summer, Williams found herself the subject of many tabloid headlines, with reporters talking about her recent divorce from longtime partner Kevin Hunter. Williams has been surprisingly candid about her new single life and recently opened up about whether or not she would ever consider getting married again.

Why did Wendy Williams divorce Kevin Hunter?

Wendy Williams
Wendy Williams | Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images for Vulture Festival

It all started in the mid-nineties for Williams and Hunter. They first met when Hunter was managing a hair salon and Williams was already established as a popular radio personality. They started dating, and Hunter eventually became her business manager.

Williams and Hunter got married in 1997 and welcomed their son, Kevin Hunter, Jr., in 2000. Still, their relationship experienced highs and lows from the very beginning. In her bestselling memoir, Williams revealed that shortly after the birth of their son, Hunter cheated on her. They decided to move past the infidelity and remained together for the next nearly 20 years, with Hunter getting heavily involved in the production of her talk show.

For the past several years, there have been persistent rumors that Hunter was involved with a woman named Sharina Hudson. While Williams never addressed the rumors directly, in public she always claimed that she was happily married. That is, until the spring of 2019, when it was reported that Hunter and Hudson had welcomed a child together.

In April, Williams filed for divorce, recently admitting that it was the child with Hudson that was the final straw in ending her marriage. 

Is Wendy Williams dating anyone now?

Following her split from Hunter, Williams didn’t spend her days sitting at home, feeling sorry for herself. Only a couple of months after her separation, Williams revealed that she is on the market again.

In early July, she stated that she was dating a doctor in his fifties and that she is “crazy” about him, although she didn’t admit that she was in love. However, it seems as though her doctor friend isn’t the only romance that Williams has in her life. In a recent interview with Andy Cohen, she admitted that she is actually dating “many men” and is happier than ever. 

Does Wendy Williams want to get married again?

Although she might be dating around right now, and not quite ready to commit to anyone in particular, Williams is thinking ahead to the future. The talk show host sat down with Dr. Oz and spoke at length about her personal life. She describes herself as a “wife, not a girlfriend” and reveals that she definitely wants to get married again, in spite of how things turned out with Hunter.

This time around though, Williams has some rules for the marriage: She wants a prenuptial agreement and isn’t averse to living in a separate residence from her hypothetical new husband. Williams also emphatically stated that she wants a man with “a full career” and his own identity, separate from hers. She went on to say that she wants nothing from a new man except for “love and respect.”

While many fans were surprised that Williams would be open to marriage so soon after a major betrayal like the one she suffered from Hunter, it is quite possible that she just knows herself very well and understands what would make her the happiest.