Wendy Williams Reveals She’s ‘Not on the Market Anymore’ but ‘Not in Love’ Either

Wendy Williams returned to her talk show on July 8th after a five-week hiatus, and the embattled host wasted no time in letting everyone know exactly where her love life stands. Following a very public divorce announcement from her husband of many years, Kevin Hunter, Williams is opening herself up to the possibility of love and isn’t afraid to tell the world all about it. Read on to discover who Williams is dating and whether or not she could get engaged sometime soon.

Who was Wendy Williams married to?

Kevin Hunter and Wendy Williams | John Lamparski/WireImage

In April 2019, fans got a shock that they weren’t expecting when it was announced that Williams was divorcing her longtime husband and business partner, Kevin Hunter. Although there had been many cheating allegations leveled at Hunter over the years, including the claim that he had fathered a child with massage therapist Sharina Hudson, Williams had always publicly defended her husband. She even stated in early 2019, weeks before the divorce news broke, that she was still happily married.

However, most Williams fans were relieved to learn that she was leaving Hunter, and looked forward to the next steps in her new life. In the weeks and months following the divorce, Williams seemed to be living it up. She spoke out about her busy social life and said that she was spending more time with her family, including her son, Kevin Hunter, Jr., and making new friends as well. During the planned summer hiatus from her show in June, Williams was spotted out with some of these new friends, including a convicted felon she met through acquaintances.

Is Wendy Williams dating a 27-year old?

When eagle-eyed fans and members of the press first spotted Williams with the young felon, tongues started wagging. Marc Tomblin is only 27 years old and has a past that allegedly includes armed robbery and felony breaking and entering. Fans were concerned that Williams was rebounding too quickly from her divorce, but the talk show host didn’t seem concerned.

Upon returning to her purple chair on July 8th, Williams cleared the air about Tomblin and the nature of their relationship. She stated that “Mother doesn’t deal with children,” alluding to the notion that Tomblin is too young for her to be serious about, and went on to say that while younger men find her attractive, she is actually quite friendly with a man that’s more age-appropriate.

Is Wendy Williams going to get married again?

Williams surprised everyone when she stated on her show that while she’s not in love, she’s found someone that she is “crazy about.” Williams was careful not to mention the mystery man’s name, but she did give her audience a few clues: She noted that he’s in his fifties, with grown children in their twenties. She also said that he’s a doctor and that she’s definitely not on the market anymore.

Fans clapped for Williams, who was visibly moved by the show of support. Although it is likely that the identity of the mystery man will eventually be revealed in the next few months, for now, Williams seems determined to keep his name out of the spotlight until they can become more secure in their relationship. As for whether or not Williams could potentially get engaged to her new doctor boyfriend, the jury is out, although it seems as though Williams isn’t in any hurry to commit herself to anything long-term.

One thing’s for sure: Williams is “doing fine” and she wants the tabloids to know it. She berated a few gossip magazines by shaking her head and denouncing the idea that she’s having a hard time. Her fans seemed very happy to hear it and to see that the woman who has been through so much in the past several years is now able to smile and laugh again.