Why Wendy Williams Called ‘RHOBH’ Alum Lisa Vanderpump a ‘Sneaky Snake’

Wendy Williams is a big fan of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and had a lot to say about Lisa Vanderpump. The talk show host tackled on Kim Richards’ attendance at the latter’s dog foundation gala breaking “sister code.” Viewers of the Bravo reality show know that Vanderpump and Kim’s sister Kyle Richards fell out and are not in speaking terms.

Lisa Vanderpump and Wendy Williams
Lisa Vanderpump and Wendy Williams | Astrid Stawiarz/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images / Paras Griffin/Getty Images

“If you have a sister and care anything about her, the worst thing you could do is violate the sister code by going to her enemy’s party”, Williams said on her show.

Williams likes all of the women involved in this story but knows that Kim should have not accepted the invitation to Vanderpump’s party.

“I don’t blame Vanderpump though because she’s a sneaky snake,” she said. “All she did was bait Kim and Kim was less than smart to fall for it. Even if you got the invitation Kim, and you called Kyle and said, ‘Kyle I was invited, do you mind if I go?’ Even that’s a violation. We as a nation know that Kyle and Vanderpump do not get along. Kim, you’re not a good sister in this particular case.”

Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards encounter

Vanderpump and Richards came close to seeing each other at BravoCon, the convention dedicated to all the shows on Bravo. During one of the panels, Richards talked about a brief encounter she had with the restaurant owner weeks before.

“I’ve seen her twice in Neiman Marcus, and at a restaurant last week,” she revealed. “I said to the hostess, ‘Are you kidding me?’ Then we said, ‘Hello.’ I mean, ‘I said hello.’”

Richards quipped that Vanderpump was not too excited to see her former RHOBH co-star in person. During the convention in New York City, Vanderpump talked about how she was able to avoid an encounter with the housewives.

“We were on different times. I was on with Vanderpump Rules. This is typical of Kyle — she would always sling something at me!” Vanderpump told People. “How could I run away from her? I’m with Vanderpump Rules. Bravo knows what they’re doing. They know where to schedule us and tells us where we’re going. So don’t flatter yourself, sweetie!”

Vanderpump even said she was “locked” in her dressing room at one point that made it impossible for her to come close with her ex co-stars.

“There was a minute that I was kind of locked in my dressing room and I’m wondering what was going on outside. But no, I didn’t see anybody,” Vanderpump told Us Weekly. “I mean, luckily for me, because coming here, that feel-good factor, it was fine. But no, Bravo probably arranged it so I didn’t have to. But I don’t know. You’d have to ask them.”

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Would Kyle Richards want Lisa Vanderpump to return to ‘RHOBH’?

Season 10 of RHOBH will be the first without Vanderpump and Richards was recently asked if she missed her former friend.

“You know what, I am always nostalgic when people ask [about] the original cast from season one,” Richards told Entertainment Tonight. “Of course, I’d love to have any of them back.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills will return to Bravo in the first part of 2020.