Wendy Williams Sparks Relapse Rumors After Erratic Behavior on Show

Is everything OK with Wendy Williams? That’s the question fans are asking following the April 13 episode of her eponymous daytime talk show.

In case you missed it, Williams exhibited behavior that has been described as erratic, abnormal, and downright bizarre; leading fans to believe that she has allegedly relapsed after overcoming drug and alcohol addictions. Taking to social media, they questioned what was going on and expressed their concerns for the popular TV host.

Wendy Williams at an event in October 2019 in New York City
Wendy Williams at an event in October 2019 in New York City | Theo Wargo/Getty Images

A clip of the latest episode of ‘The Wendy Williams Show’

In clips circulating the Internet, Williams is seen breaking down while talking about the number of people who have died from the coronavirus, especially on Easter. Seeking insight about the disease from people who have been affected by it, she jumped on a call with comedian Michael Yo, who detailed his experience.

“One thing I saw in the hospital, I know in the hospital, people die alone and that was the worst thing,” Yo said (via HollywoodLife). Before ending the call, he added: “No one, Wendy, no one deserves to die alone.” Williams’ voice shook as she said bye and hung up the phone.

She continued to cry as she moved on to the Ask Wendy segment of the show, where she takes questions from viewers. As she spoke to one fan, Williams appeared to slur and drag out her words. Throughout the remainder of the show, the entertainment website The Jasmine Brand claims, she reportedly looked “erratic” and “disheveled.”

Fans react to the episode

Fans took to Twitter to react to the episode, with one person wondering: “Does Wendy Williams look/seem high to anyone else this morning? I’m keeping everyone in my prayers, it’s a stressful time & we gotta discuss different ways to cope.”

“Wow, what is she on today? She is slurring her words can’t keep her eyes open. Why do you guys let her get on the air like that?” read another tweet

“Someone needs to help @WendyWilliams she is obviously losing it,” said a third tweet.

Williams has yet to address the speculation. But it seems likely that she was just overwhelmed amid the coronavirus outbreak, which has affected more than 1 million people around the world and counting.

As it continues to spread, many officials have implemented social distancing rules and ordered businesses to shutter their operations. This has a direct impact on Williams, as she’s been forced to film at home instead of her usual location. So it’s not too far-fetched to say that she simply had a moment on the show.

“What @WendyWilliams is emotionally feeling is a lot of us!! We are sad & it’s lonely.. especially when it’s #EasterWeekend & we can’t even be around those who are near & dear to us. Leave her alone.,” read another tweet.

Williams has been open about her past addictions

Williams has never shied away from addressing her previous struggles. She even admitted in 2019, amid her divorce from her longtime husband Kevin Hunter, that she checked into a sober living facility so she wouldn’t be tempted to drink. She filed for divorce that April after Hunter allegedly fathered a child with his mistress.

“I’d done my detective work. I knew what was about to happen, and I was like, ‘Let me go someplace where you’re not allowed to have the whole bottle of wine,’” Williams recalled in an August 2019 interview with The New York Times. “When you see your husband’s mistress with a burgeoning belly and you’re a blabbermouth on TV with a successful show, you know what’s about to happen. I needed to go someplace quiet.”

She continued, “My husband was about to have a baby, and I knew that I was about to divorce. I knew that there would be headlines [and] I had to process it so that once I came out, I came out on top. I didn’t work for three decades to land at the bottom over some [expletive] like this.”

She eventually left the facility and finalized her divorce from Hunter in January.

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