Were ‘Big Brother 21’ Fans Tricked By a Fake Jackson Michie Police Report?

Earlier this week many fans were outraged believing that Jackson Michie was arrested before Big Brother 21. This was partially due to what looked like a police report being shared on Twitter. But were they tricked by a fake police report? Here is everything you need to know.

An alleged police report was tweeted that was for a Jackson Michie


The whole rumor started when fans claimed to have heard that Kathryn Dunn said Michie was previously arrested on the live feeds. This rumor was found on Twitter and Reddit. Later a police record was being shared on Twitter showing a Jackson Glen Michie was arrested in Franklin, Tennessee for domestic assault.

It was unconfirmed if this was actually Michie from the reality show, but fans still showed their outrage. They even tweeted at casting director, Robyn Kass for possibly not doing proper background checks. However, it turns out there is incorrect information on this report.

Multiple police departments didn’t find any record of Michie being arrested

Jackson Michie and Holly Alexander on ‘Big Brother 21’ | Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

The Cheat Sheet reached out to the Franklin Police Department and the Knox County Sheriff’s Office through email. Neither have any record of a Jackson Michie being arrested for domestic assault. Both also pointed out that the report claims Franklin, TN is in Knox County when it’s actually in Williamson County.

The rep from the Franklin Police Department couldn’t advise on the validity of the report based on this error.

McCrae Olson claims he tried to find the same record and found nothing

Big Brother 15 finalist, McCrae Olson claimed he went on the website that was previously shown as proof of Michie’s alleged arrest to find the same report. He said he wasn’t able to find anything by tweeting, “Paid $38 bucks to look up Jacksons record on the exact site used in the screenshots and found nothing at all except for his reckless driving one… this community is so awesome #bb21… and we did it live on twitch…”

When a fan accused him of defending Michie he tweeted, “No I don’t defend him… He sucks… But I will defend any fake garbage that gets spread around when you only end up making Jackson look like a victim when he isn’t.”

That doesn’t seem to be the only rumor that was spread about Michie recently. Many fans watching the live feeds believed they heard him and fellow houseguests, Jack Matthews using the N-word when talking about David Alexander. That reportedly wasn’t the case. CBS responded to Newsweek’s report claiming they found no footage of the two houseguests using the racist slur.

This is all coming after this season’s dramatic first few weeks. Jackson Michie started out winning the title of Camp Director in the first week. He had to nominate four houseguests to be banished from the house only to compete to come back. He nominated Jessica Milagros, Kemi Fakunle, Cliff Hogg and David Alexander.

Many fans weren’t happy that three of those nominations were people of color. The houseguests who are minorities have continued to be at risk of going home first since then.

In the end, two police departments that could possibly be related to this alleged case has no record of a Jackson Michie being arrested for domestic assault. The alleged report also has incorrect information on it because of the listed county. It’s unclear whether the report was even related to Michie from the show, and if the incorrect information is a sign of the report not being real.