We’re Coming Clean on Hilary Duff’s 5 Most Popular Songs

The fact that Hilary Duff teased new music got us thinking about her past songs so we decided to take a walk down memory lane with the former Disney star. Ahead learn which songs have been Duff’s most popular. 

‘So Yesterday’

A break-up song, “So Yesterday,” came from Duff’s 2003 album, Metamorphosis. The music video for the song which has 45 million views, followed Duff as she tracked down her onscreen ex-boyfriend at the beach only to steal his jeans and “old black hat” because, as she sang, “they look good on me.” 

Watch the video and get all the early 2000s vibes. 

Interestingly enough, the song revolved around another item of clothing not mentioned in the song, an “everything is bigger in Texas” t-shirt. In the video, Duff took Polaroid pictures of random people she met wearing the shirt and left them in her ex’s mailbox until finally, she returned the stuff she stole (!) but not without including a picture of herself posing in a “You’re so yesterday” t-shirt. 

‘Come Clean’

No list about Duff’s music would be complete without another one of her songs from Metamorphosis, “Come Clean.” We can remember watching the video where Duff spent a rainy day at home in some serious cozy-looking outfits — remember the leg warmers? — singing about the rain washing away her sanity.

The song became immortalized on TV when MTV used it in the opening credits of their series, Laguna Beach, where audiences first met Lauren Conrad, who went by LC back then, Kristin Cavallari, Heidi Montag, and other reality stars. 

‘What Dreams Are Made Of’

Another one of 32-year-old Duff’s most popular songs — it might be her most well-known bop — is a song from The Lizzie McGuire Movie where her character, Lizzie McGuire, went to Rome, Italy, with her best friend Gordo (Adam Lamberg) on a class trip where she’s mistaken for an Italian pop star. 

Sadly, Duff doesn’t have the official video for the song on her YouTube channel but low-quality versions can be found with a quick internet search. 

Hilary Duff at 'Younger' Season 5 Premiere Party on June 4, 2018
Hilary Duff at ‘Younger’ Season 5 Premiere Party on June 4, 2018 | Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

The song’s become synonymous with Duff. Even today, 15 years after the movie’s release, people still bring up the song to the actress. In an Instagram post from Nov. 20, 2019, Duff shared a picture of herself and Lamberg teasing the Disney+ reboot of Lizzie McGuire, captioning the snapshot, “I feel [sic] so basic saying something that’s been shouted at me almost my whole life buuuut……hey now, hey now✨.” 

Duff doesn’t feature the song on her YouTube channel but the song can be heard in the movie’s trailer

‘I Want Candy’

No December is complete — in the opinion of any Lizzie McGuire fan at least — without a few, or few hundred, listens to Aaron Carter’s song, “I Want Candy,” which he sang during a holiday episode of the TV series where Lizzie and Miranda (Lalaine) got to be in a fictional music video for the song that happened to be filmed in their hometown.

Aaron Carter and Hilary Duff at the premiere of 'The Lizzie McGuire Movie' on April 26, 2003
Aaron Carter and Hilary Duff at the premiere of ‘The Lizzie McGuire Movie’ on April 26, 2003 | Lester Cohen Archive/WireImage

While Duff didn’t technically sing the song, it’s worth a mention if only for the fact that she and Carter shared an onscreen kiss underneath the mistletoe in the same episode.

‘Sweet 16’

Finally, Duff’s most popular song, “Sweet 16,” is another one that became synonymous with an MTV series. It became the theme of the network’s popular show, My Super Sweet 16, which debuted in 2005 and followed teens as they planned wildly lavish parties for their milestone birthday. 

Until Duff (hopefully) releases new music, we’ll be singing along to these songs.