Were Prince Harry and Prince William Always Destined to Grow Apart?

Prince Harry and Prince William were always extremely close. Growing up only three years apart in age, the two appeared to be the best of friends. When they unexpectedly lost their mother, Princess Diana, William was 15 and Harry was only 12. They grew even closer as they supported each other in their grief regarding her death.

Royal fans thought that the two would be close forever since even after William married Kate Middleton, the three of them became known as the “royal trio.” However, in recent months, rumors have been circulating that there is extreme tension between the two princes. Did the world see this coming or were Harry and William always destined to grow apart?

Princes William and Harry were once royal best friends

When the boys were young, they were always seen playing together and sharing experiences. They never grew tired of each other’s company and were seen exchanging playful banter and having as much fun as possible. In 2011, William chose Harry as his best man when he got married, giving him the honor of being by his side as he married his future queen. The favor was returned in 2018, when Harry and Meghan Markle got married. No matter what was going on in the royal family, fans were always able to count on seeing William and Harry side by side.

The first sight of tension between Prince William and Prince Harry

At first glance, it would appear to anyone as if everything was always running smoothly behind palace doors. However, it came to light that when Harry and Meghan first met, William warned him that the relationship was moving much too quickly! Harry was not happy about this one bit, as he felt that Meghan was unlike anyone he had ever met before, and he wanted the support of his entire family, especially his older brother. William voiced his concerns since he felt that he was acting in Harry’s best interest, and most likely thought that Harry would take his advice and slow things down a bit.

How did Prince William’s relationship with Prince Harry get worse?

It was a happy day not only in London but around the entire world as millions of people tuned in to see the wedding of Harry and Meghan. When they emerged from the chapel as the new Duke and Duchess of Sussex, they were met with cheers and smiles. While everything was going well in their marriage, suddenly, the relationship between William and Harry began to unravel. They were no longer making as many appearances together, and when they were photographed at events, there was a visible tension that fans had never before seen.

Were Prince Harry and Prince William always destined to grow apart?

As everyone knows, William and Kate have three small children and Harry and Meghan are expecting their first child any day. It is typical for even the closest of siblings to grow a little distant when they get married and begin families of their own.

This does not necessarily indicate that anything is wrong, or that William and Harry are involved in a royal feud. Chances are, the two princes still share the same close relationship that they always had: it is simply that they are focusing on different responsibilities than they had when they were younger.

Now that Harry and Meghan have moved about 40 miles away to Windsor, it may make it a little more difficult for the brothers to spend as much time together as they would like. Raising a family can be exhausting, even for royals. We are so happy that all is good between our two favorite princes, and that they are simply focusing on being good husbands and fathers!