‘Westworld’: Bold Predictions for Season 2

With Westworld finally coming in for a landing after its first season, many of our most pressing questions have finally been answered. For the remaining mysteries, we’re going to have to wait until 2018, thanks to the busy schedules of showrunners Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy. That leaves us plenty of time to wildly speculate about what’s to come. The road ahead is one that could go in any number of directions, and without a clear idea of what Nolan and Joy are planning, we’re free to guess for ourselves. The “what’s going to happen next?” question is about as open-ended as it’s ever going to be. So let’s kick the lengthy offseason off with some bold predictions, shall we?

1. The Man in Black is alive, and fighting for his life

Ed Harris as the Man in Black on Westworld

Ed Harris as the Man in Black | HBO

The fate of the Man in Black, as well as the rest of the Delos board, was largely left open-ended to close out Season 1. What we know of the Man in Black though tells us that he might not be done just yet. First off, we’re told outright that his dream is for Westworld to carry actual, life-or-death stakes, where the hosts can potentially kill the guests. When Dolores and her crew of murder-hosts descend on the Delos board, we see those stakes finally realized, and the smile that crosses the face of the Man in Black is evidence that he’s finally gotten his dream.

That said, it wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense to kill him outright. Imagine the Man in Black fighting for his life in the wilderness of Westworld, fighting off Dolores/Wyatt’s crew of homicidal androids. We already know he’s a capable fighter, and Season 2 would give him the perfect playground to showcase those skills.

2. Game of Thrones World is coming

Jon Snow - Battle of the Bastards, Game of Thrones

Jon Snow going up against the Bolton army | HBO

If there’s one thing that The CW has proven over the last three years, it’s that people love a crossover event. Westworld is set up for the mother of all crossovers on HBO, existing in the same sphere as Game of Thrones. That fact hasn’t gone unnoticed either, with George R.R. Martin himself telling Nolan and Joy he’d love to see their two worlds combine. There would, of course, be considerable red tape to cut through, but with the blessing of the Game of Thrones creator, it wouldn’t be entirely out of the question.

Consider too that the Westworld finale introduced the idea of alternate host-run theme parks, teasing briefly at “Samurai World.” The original Westworld film even featured a “Medieval World,” so it wouldn’t be a stretch at all for the HBO series to instead have a Game of Thrones park.

3. Logan will be back, and out for revenge

Logan - Westworld

Logan | HBO

The Man in Black’s early days in Westworld saw him learning the ins and outs of the park with his soon-to-be brother-in-law, Logan. At first, Logan’s primary goal was to get William/MiB to cut loose and fully immerse himself in the park. It’s not long though before William surpasses even Logan’s penchant for cruelty and violence. The two part ways with William seizing Delos out from under his former traveling companion, stripping him naked, and tying him to the saddle of a horse.

That leaves all sorts of possibilities for Logan’s return. Odds are, he didn’t simply forgive and forget. It’s more likely that he’s been plotting his revenge for upwards of 30-plus years, and with the hosts throwing the park into complete homicidal chaos, the timing couldn’t be better for him to strike.

4. We haven’t seen the last of Anthony Hopkins

Westworld - HBO

Westworld | HBO

To clarify, yes, Dr. Robert Ford is well and truly dead, and we’re not calling that into question. Dolores put a bullet in him, and there’s little reason to believe he survived that ordeal. If that’s not convincing enough, take it from Jonathan Nolan, who straight up told Variety, “oh, he’s dead.” So now that we have that off the table, it’s worth noting that a character’s death doesn’t mean an actor is completely gone from Westworld. 

When Variety went on to ask whether Anthony Hopkins was done with the show entirely, Nolan’s answer was decidedly more open-ended, telling them that they’ll “see where the story takes us.” A world-class actor like Hopkins would be a tough loss for Westworld. More than that, anyone can come back as a host. So why not the park’s creator?

5. Dolores is in charge now

Dolores - Westworld season finale

Dolores in the Westworld season finale | HBO

The journey of Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) from “demure prairie girl” to “badass gunslinger” has been a thrill to watch throughout Westworld‘s opening season. With the reveal that she is in fact Wyatt, that puts her in charge of a whole lot of loyal (and murder-y) hosts. It’s not a stretch to see her running the whole show by the time Season 2 kicks off, tracking down whatever humans she can find and gunning them down in cold blood. As she so aptly told Teddy in the finale, “this world belongs to us,” and it won’t be long before she proves that in spades.

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