‘Westworld’: 9 Celebrity Reactions to the Shocking Finale


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Westworld tells the story of a futuristic theme park full of artificial beings who enable customers to play out their fantasies in the Wild West. Throughout the first season we have seen what this situation does to these artificial beings, and the humans that visit them. There is one thing that has been constant throughout the series, and that is that nothing is what it seems.

We have come across the mysterious Man in Black, and saw the past lives of many doomed robots. The first season posed a lot of questions, including what drives the hosts? Who drives them? And will they escape or remain stuck in their hopeless and frustrating loops?

The season finale just aired and it answered many questions that have been asked by fans, while at the same time, bringing up new mysteries to be solved in Season 2. We’re not the only ones who watched and reacted to the shocking finale, there are many celebrities who also had a few opinions on the show’s crazy ending. Of course, that includes the cast, who has given us some amazing performances this season. So what did they and other celebrities have to say? Here are nine celebrity reactions to the shocking finale.

1. Evan Rachel Wood

The Westworld actress gave some pretty sound advice to fans who want to truly understand the whole season.

2. Mindy Kaling

The funny lady was also coming up with some fan theories of her own, but didn’t quite guess the ending.

3. Jeffrey Wright

Perhaps the actor also recommends watching the series over again.

4. RuPaul

The television host is also a big fan of the show’s writing.

5. Luke Hemsworth

The actor was just happy to be part of the show.

6. Akilah Hughes

The comedian might have come up with an even darker plot for Season 2.

7. Ben Barnes

The actor was also happy to play a part in Westworld‘s first season.

8. Jillian Clare

It looks like the actress has a new favorite television show.

9. John Levenstein

The actor, producer, and writer was pretty shocked by the Man in Black’s big reveal.

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