‘Westworld’ Fans Finally Think They Know the Truth About The Man in Black

Since last season, Westworld fans have been wondering if the Man in Black, aka William (Ed Harris) is a host or a human. Luckily, in the Season 3 finale, viewers finally learned the truth about his nature. 

[Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers for Westworld, Season 3, Episode 8.]

Ed Harris
Ed Harris | HBO

What happened to the Man in Black this season? 

As seen in Episode 6, “Decoherence,” Charlotte (Tessa Thompson) brings The Man in Black to a psychiatric facility under the direction of Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood). While there, he is put into a sedated state and has hallucinations — some about his daughter Emily (Katja Herbers) and some about his childhood.

He also confronts various versions of himself from years past and reflects on his brutal nature. To rid himself of the emotional baggage, the Man in Black kills all the old versions of himself in the hallucination. He’s pulled out of the facility by Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) and Stubbs (Luke Hemsworth), and when they stop at a gas station, he attacks them. 

What was revealed about him in the Season 3 finale of ‘Westworld’?

In the season finale, Dolores sends armed guards to the gas station and interrupts the fight between the Man in Black and Bernard. The Man in Black runs away and heads to LA to meet with the executive in charge of his affairs. 

He demands his assets be unfrozen and asks for information on Delos. “Get me a list of Delos assets worldwide,” the Man in Black says. “I’m going to save the f**king world.”

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Then in a post-credits scene, the Man in Black makes his way into a Delos facility in Dubai. He heads to the research lab, where Charlotte is waiting for him. As he points a gun at her, she tells him he is going to save the world, but not for the humans.

A host version of the Man in Black walks out from behind her and attacks the real Man in Black. The host version tells him that his brutality is just a part of his human personality. 

“There are no sides,” the host Man in Black tells the human version, as he brutalizes him. “That was you. Now, that is me.” The host then slits the Man in Black’s throat, welcoming him to “the end.”

Will the Man in Black return for Season 4 of ‘Westworld’?

After years of speculating whether or not the Man in Black is a host, Westworld fans were thrilled to finally learn the truth about him. But some think that he might not be dead.

“We didn’t see him bleed out did we?” one Reddit fan wrote. “And they did literally slit a throat in season 1 only to glue it back together two minutes later. He could totally still be alive.”

“I could imagine Charlores toying with him and keeping him alive,” another Redditor added. “Only to let him suffer as her plans succeed without intervention.”

Well, knowing that Charlotte created a host version of the Man in Black, it’s likely Ed Harris will return next season to play the role. For now, fans can rest knowing that William was probably human this whole time.