‘Westworld’: Has the Real Reason Behind the Hosts Been Revealed?

Season 2 of Westworld has introduced many new questions, but luckily, we have also gotten a few answers. We ventured in new parks that were filled with hosts with very similar storylines as the ones in Westworld. We also realized that the hosts may not actually be acting on their own.

Bernard has been busy moving through different memories and trying to get to the bottom of what Delos is doing. It looks like, thanks to him, we might have finally found out the reason behind the hosts and the parks (page 5). Here are seven things to know, including the big reveal.

1. Ford is now in the Cradle and seems to be the reason behind the hosts revolting

Bernard looks downward while pointing at a piece of paper.
Bernard is now in the Cradle. | HBO
  • Anthony Hopkins is back as Ford and he has all the answers.

It has been revealed that many of the hosts that have turned on humans aren’t really acting on their own. Elsie noticed the code has changed and can’t really be changed back. Bernard tries to get to bottom of this by going into the Cradle. It’s there where he is reunited with Ford.

We last saw Ford be murdered in the finale by Dolores with a gunshot to the head. There was a good chance he would be gone for good, but it seems like he has been reborn. The good thing about that is that he has a lot of information about the parks and it hasn’t been lost for good.

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2. Jeffrey Wright said he wasn’t surprised about Ford’s return

Jeffrey Wright looking confused as he looks over his glasses.
Jeffrey Wright as Bernard on Westworld. | HBO
  • The actor was unsurprisingly thrilled about Ford’s return.

Although some fans might have been taken by surprise, Jeffrey Wright told The Hollywood Reporter that he had a different reaction. “My first reaction was: ‘Yeah, of course! Let’s get at it!’ It was such great news.”

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3. Wright compares Bernard and Ford’s relationship with master and slave

Bernard Lowe and Robert Ford looking forward together.
Here’s what Wright had to say about the relationship between Bernard and Ford. | HBO
  • Ford’s return isn’t a good thing for Bernard.

Fans might be happy that the two are reunited but Bernard isn’t with good reason. “It speaks to a larger relationship between Ford and Bernard, and Ford and the hosts, and Arnold and the hosts: “The relationship between creator and created, and the tension between that,” Wright told The Hollywood Reporter. “There are ‘small p’ and ‘big p’ political implications of that relationship, this kind of ‘master and slave’ relationship, if you will.”

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4. Westworld is a data collection tool

Dolores standing in a graveyard.
Evan Rachel Wood as Dolores in Westworld | HBO
  • Data collection isn’t just a hot topic around tech companies in real life.

The theme park isn’t really a theme park, but a way to collect data on the human visitors. We found this out in the second episode and that Charlotte’s mission has been to get that data out of the park.

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5. The goal is to copy people’s minds

Charlotte Hale holds back tears while looking forward.
Charlotte Hale in Westworld | HBO
  • It’s not about hosts becoming humans but humans becoming hosts.

Ford explains in “Les Ecorches” the parks are just experiments with hosts as the controls in order to figure out humans’ behavior in different scenarios. The goal is then for humans to become the hosts in order to live forever.

We got a sense of this desire through the experiment involving James Delos.

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6. There is a theory that human backups are in the Valley Beyond

Dolores looking angry while reaching upwards.
Dolores in Westworld | HBO
  • The characters are possibly heading to a place to destroy humanity’s backup plan.

It has been shown that the hosts destroyed their own backups but they’re not done yet. Dolores wants to go to the Valley Beyond and Josh Wigler at The Hollywood Reporter theorizes this could be where human backups are stored and she wants to destroy them.

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7. It’s still up in the air on who Bernard will side with

Bernard looking straight at Elsie Hughes.
What side will Bernard be on? | HBO
  • Will Bernard help or hurt the humans?

Bernard has still been a wild card this season. He knows he’s a host now but not all of the humans know that. When The Cheat Sheet asked Jeffrey Wright who Bernard could side with when it comes to the humans or hosts he answered, “Well, I think the choice that he’s made like everyone is to try to survive. So we’ll see where that leads.”

Bernard has been working closely with Elsie to discover the mystery behind the parks but now he’s under Ford’s control. It also doesn’t help that it’s been revealed that there are multiple Bernards.

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