‘Westworld’: Jeffrey Wright Answers Whether Bernard Will Choose Between Humans and Hosts

Season 2 of Westworld shows all of the characters in a different place. But Bernard is in a unique position, given he is a host who passes as a human to many. He also starts off this season with a major head injury.

So how will this injury affect Bernard and will he eventually pick a side between humans and hosts? After all, he can sympathize with humans since he initially believed he was one and lived among them. But after finding out he is truly a host and watching hosts like Maeve and Dolores struggle to fight back, he might side with them.

We decided to find the answers to those questions by talking to Jeffrey Wright. The Cheat Sheet caught up with the Westworld actor on April 28 at the BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center. Here are seven things to know, including what Wright told us about Bernard picking a side (page 5).

1. Wright revealed there’s a big Season 2 hint in the show’s pilot

Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) in Westworld

What could Wright have figured out? | HBO

Season 2 has kicked off but before that many people returned to Season 1 to prepare. That included Jeffrey Wright, and he discovered there are some big clues to the new season right in the pilot.

“In going back, I discovered that there are some flashing neon breadcrumbs that had been invisible to my eye in the first reading, performing, and watching of the episode,” he told Esquire.

So what was his reaction to the clue and where can others find it? “In fact, there’s a scene, which I think may be the first scene that we shot for the pilot, that speaks to the overarching scene of Season 2,” Wright continued. “And I looked at that and was like, ‘These clever bastards’.”

Next: Wright talks about the effect of Bernard’s injury.

2. Wright says Bernard’s head injury will lead him to play with reality

Bernard on Westworld

What will the impact of the injury be? | HBO

Bernard starts off the second season by getting shot in the head and having a head injury. So where will it lead?

Wright told The Cheat Sheet, “Well, you’ll have to watch as the season unfolds. See where we go with this. But it was very much about trying to create or understand a relationship to time and space and place and all of these things.”

Next: Bernard’s confusion also comes from this other situation.

3. Bernard’s confusion won’t just come from his head injury

Jeffrey Wright as Bernard on Westworld

The character is struggling with a few things this season. | HBO

Wright also said the injury will play into the bigger battle of the season. “So he’s very much trying to orient himself,” said Wright. “There’s confusion within his head and confusion outside of his head owing to the chaos that unfolded after the rebellions beyond. So a lot of challenges and a lot of levels to explore with Bernard this year.”

Next: These two Bernard storylines happen on different timelines.

4. Dolores’ revolution happens on a different timeline than the Delos story

Dolores and Bernard on Westworld

There are multiple timelines playing out on screen.| HBO

It might be hard to keep track, but Wright did separate these two stories as being in different timelines.

His difficulties in the aftermath of Dolores’s revolution by taking out Ford is slightly different than his state waking up on the beach when he meets the Delos first responder team,” Wright told Esquire. “He’s having trouble on more than one timeline.”

Next: Wright answers whether Bernard will choose between human and hosts.

5. Wright says Bernard’s choice will be based on surviving

Jeffrey Wright as Bernard in Westworld

He will need to make a decision. | HBO

The Cheat Sheet asked Wright if Bernard will ever make a choice between the humans and the hosts in this war. His answer leaves it open to multiple possibilities.

“Well, I think the choice that he’s made like everyone is to try to survive. So we’ll see where that leads,” he said.

Next: This is what Bernard will have to do before picking a side.

6. Wright said Bernard can’t side with anyone until he gets maintenance first

Jeffrey Wright in Westworld

As a host, he will some repairs. | HBO

We might eventually find out who Bernard will choose, but this one thing has to happen first. “He’s not going to be able to side with either host or human until he can patch up his fluid leaks and some other matters,” Wright told Esquire. “That’s his first order of business.”

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7. But it seems like he will ultimately make a decision

Bernard and Maeve on Westworld

Who does he stand with? | HBO

This decision probably won’t be put off for long. “And as the season proceeds, he’ll try to begin to make a decision of where he sits in the overall upheaval of the world,” Wright told Esquire.

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