‘Westworld’ Season 2: Have All the Hosts Been Waking Up Because of This 1 Character?

Westworld Season 2 has been growing many characters we already know. Dolores is becoming more ruthless with time and her army is growing. Maeve seems to be growing powers. Bernard is discovering Delos’ true mission behind the parks.

Season 1 was much more focused on hosts gaining consciousness and the Man in Black trying to get at the center of the maze. Season 2 surprisingly revisited all of this in one of its episodes and possibly answered the question of who has been waking up the hosts after all this time.

Here is everything you need to know about the person who might have been revealed to be behind the hosts gaining consciousness.

Dolores and Bernard on 'Westworld'.
Dolores and Bernard | HBO
  • Dolores and Bernard are awake after their own self-exploration last season.

At this point, we know that some of the hosts have woken up. Dolores has achieved full consciousness after getting to the middle of the maze in Season 1. She has since made it her mission for other hosts to fall in line and attack humans.

It also seems like Bernard has achieved some kind of consciousness. He knows he is a host and he discovered the real reason behind humans creating the park. He, however, isn’t in great shape and is often jumping between timelines due to his memory.

But not all hosts are so lucky. It seemed like Teddy was beginning to wake up this season before Dolores altered him. So why are some of the hosts awake?

Akecheta looking over a horizon in 'Westworld'.
Akecheta | HBO
  • Akecheta really wanted other hosts to wake up.

Many thought it was Dolores who was waking up hosts to join her revolution. But “Kiksuya” revealed that Akecheta has been awake for some time and has had his own mission of showing the maze.

“I dedicated my life to sharing the symbol,” he told Maeve through her daughter. “I started with my own men.” He then said, “I wanted to help you too. I wanted to warn you.” This why the mazes look familiar.

Maze on scalp of head.
The mazes have been a big part of season 1. | HBO
  • The mazes in Season 1 were explained through Akecheta.

A lot of the mazes we saw last season are from Akecheta. He created the maze that Maeve fell in the middle of, he created the maze on one of his people’s scalp in order to hide it from the humans, and more. This was all part of his mission it seems to wake up hosts.

So what does this episode mean for Dolores? It means she’s not the one who has been waking up other hosts and she might not be the hero we thought she was. After all, Akecheta refers to her as “The Deathbringer.” She could turn out being something much more sinister and we have already realized that people close to her are coming to the same conclusion. The question left might be who will be the one to take her down and then what will the awake hosts do?

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