‘Westworld’ Season 3: Aaron Paul Teams up With Dolores and Fans Think They Know Why

Westworld showrunners aren’t leaking any spoilers for season 3, but in the action-packed new trailer, Caleb — played by series newcomer Aaron Paul — teams up with Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) on a deadly mission to take on the real world. Caleb’s origins are still a mystery, but some fans think they know why he’s helping Dolores.

Aaron Paul
Aaron Paul | Jerod Harris/Getty Images

What the ‘Westworld’ season 3 trailers reveal about Caleb

In the HBO trailer released last year, Caleb is living a somewhat normal human life. He goes to work on a construction site, visits a woman in the hospital, and robs an ATM with his criminal friends. 

“They said they would make a better world, smooth away the rough edges, but that was a lie,” Paul’s character says in a voiceover in the trailer. “I guess the rough edges are the only thing I’m hanging on to.” Then, just before the trailer ends, Caleb encounters Dolores in a dark alley. 

In the new trailer for season 3, Dolores tries to convince Caleb to join her mission. “You and I are a lot alike,” she tells him. “They put you in a cage, decided what your life would be. They did the same thing to me.”

She goes on to tell him “something” has been watching him, and together they can go after the person who “took” his future. When Caleb asks Dolores what will happen if their plan doesn’t work, she tells him they’ll just have to “do things the old-fashioned way” and “kill everyone.”

Some fans think Caleb is a host

Nothing is ever what it seems on Westworld. So while Caleb looks and acts like a human in the trailers, some fans think he might be a host living in the real world. 

“I’m thinking he’s a host designed by Dolores, living in the real world. And he doesn’t know it / slowly comes to realize it,” wrote one Redditor. The theory isn’t far-fetched, because, in the trailer, Dolores does tell Caleb that they are “a lot alike.”

Other ‘Westworld’ fans think Aaron Paul’s character is just a human with a grudge

In the trailers for season 3, Caleb acts like he has a grudge against the repressive system he’s living in. Some fans think Dolores’s passion for freeing the oppressed will convince Caleb to join her. 

“Dolores’/Wyatts Gang’s goal is to set everyone free, and that’s where Caleb (Aaron Paul) comes in,”one Reddit fan wrote. “He’s under the thumb of the system in a big way but he’s someone who can aid Dolores in destroying it. She teams up with him because she doesn’t hate humans, she just hates people who have power and abuse it. Dolores’ entire existence up to this point has been to be an outlet for the worst of humanity.”


When it comes to a show like Westworld, anything is possible. Luckily, fans will get clear answers about Aaron Paul’s character when the new season drops March 15.