‘Westworld’ Season 3: What to Expect When the HBO Drama Returns

Evan Rachel Wood - 'Westworld'
Evan Rachel Wood – ‘Westworld’ Season 2 Episode 10 | HBO

Westworld season 3 is almost here, and after the show’s nearly two-year-long hiatus, fans are more than ready to dive back into the action. The thrilling revelations last season seamlessly set the stage for the intense battle to come, but after seeing the new trailer for Season 3, there’s a whole lot more to unpack. Here’s what to expect when Westworld returns for its third season.

The ‘Westworld’ season 3 release date 

Season 3 of Westworld premieres on Sunday, March 15 on HBO at 9 p.m. ET, with new episodes airing every Sunday on HBO in the same time slot. However, rather than the standard ten-episode schedule (like seasons 1 and 2), the new season will consist of only eight episodes. With this shorter programming schedule, the season 3 finale should air May 3. 

Season 2 ended in June 2018, so viewers have been waiting for almost two years to see what happened to their favorite robotic hosts. Luckily, with the new season is on its way, fans will get to mosey on into the drama before they know it. 

What the new trailer revealed

As seen in the new trailer for Westworld, much of the original cast and characters will return for season 3, along with a few new faces. Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) is seen with a man named Caleb (Aaron Paul), who she convinces to become her ally in the fight to “kill everyone.” She also pays a visit to the Man in Black (Ed Harris), who proclaims that his true purpose is to “save” the world. 

Maeve (Thandie Newton) is seen talking to a mysterious man (Vincent Cassel) who asks her to track Dolores down and kill her. In one scene in the trailer, Dolores and Maeve confront each other in what looks like the beginning of an epic battle.

Charlotte Hale (Tessa Thompson), Arnold aka Bernard (Jeffrey Wright), and Ashley Stubbs (Luke Hemsworth) will also return for the new season. However, Dolores’ beau Teddy (James Marsden) doesn’t appear in the trailer, which may indicate his character is gone for good. 

Theories for ‘Westworld’ season 3

With so many different timelines and surprising character resurrections, it’s hard to predict exactly what will happen in season 3.  As shown in the trailer, Dolores is planning to take on the real world and kill humans if necessary, while Maeve is sent out to stop her. Caleb’s origins are unknown, but for some reason (maybe he’s a host too), he decides to help Dolores complete her mission.

Understandably, showrunners aren’t revealing any major spoilers. But in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, creator Jonathan Nolan noted that the new season will be “a little less of a guessing game and more of an experience with the hosts finally getting to meet their makers.” 

Speaking of Aaron Paul’s new character, Caleb, Nolan revealed that he’s an outsider who’ll forge a bond with Dolores. “Aaron’s character will challenge Dolores’ notions about the nature of humanity,” he told EW. “He’s the type of person who doesn’t get to go to Westworld.”

Westworld is one of those shows where anything can happen. Luckily, fans will get to watch all the thrilling drama unfold when Season 3 premieres on March 15.