‘Westworld’: Shogun World and Everything We Know About the Other Theme Parks

Westworld is only the beginning. On the hit HBO original series, the Old West-themed amusement park is just one of several locations that guests can visit, all of which are filled with realistic robotic “hosts” but are modeled after different environments and time periods.

The series has revealed three of these parks so far, and we can now piece together some information about how the other ones operate. Plus, fans have some pretty compelling theories about what the additional parks might be (page 8).

1. Delos seems to operate a total of six parks

An icon featuring six parks.
We have confirmation that there are six parks in Westworld. | HBO

So how many parks are there within the Westworld universe, exactly? Well, we know for sure that there are at least six of them, including Westworld.

Between Season 1 and 2 of the show, an official tie-in website, Delos Destinations, revealed this number. Since there are only six parks listed, we can assume that this is the total number of parks the company operates. If there are any other parks, they don’t seem to be public knowledge.

We already had an idea from the first season that there are multiple parks, as in the Season 1 finale, Maeve found out that her daughter was in park one. Then, a character in Season 2 references park six.

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2. Park 6 is The Raj

Several people socializing in front of a large building.
The Raj | HBO

The third episode of Westworld‘s second season gave us a glimpse at another park for the first time: The Raj. This park carries a colonial India theme. We have only gotten a brief taste of how this park operates, but it seems to have a governor character, as he invites one of the guests to speak with him in Episode 3.

Fans have been referring to this park as Raj World, although technically, it seems that it’s actually just named The Raj; that’s the name used on the Delos Destinations website. That website also confirms that The Raj is the sixth park.

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3. Guests of The Raj can hunt ‘magnificent beasts’

Two people on elephants seen in the horizon.
A trip in The Raj | HBO

Hunting seems to be one of the main reasons guests would want to visit The Raj. In the show, Nicholas and Grace talk about hunting Bengal tigers, with these creatures evidently being located mainly at the edge of the park, where things are dangerous and “a bit mad.” We also see Nicholas and Grace riding on the backs of elephants.

Interestingly, the Delos Destinations website notes that The Raj’s “jungles and mountains are your only chance to glimpse magnificent beasts long vanished from your world.” This might imply that some of the animals in the park, such as Bengal tigers, are now extinct in Westworld‘s future society.

If you’re not into hunting, though, you might still want to visit The Raj for its “world-class spa,” as the website advertises.

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4. The hosts in the other parks are rebelling, too

A host raising and aiming a shotgun.
A host in The Raj rebels | HBO

We know that the hosts in Westworld are rebelling against the guests and the park owners, but is that true in all of the other locations? Season 2, Episode 3 answered that question by showing us that the hosts in The Raj are also trying to kill the guests.

When Nicholas and Grace arrive back to their camp, they find that several humans have been murdered and the hosts are coming after them. One of the hosts even uses the same “these violent delights have violent ends” line that the hosts in Westworld have used.

A Bengal tiger also goes after Grace, meaning the animal hosts are going against their programming as well.

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5. There are barriers between the parks

The border between The Raj and Westworld
The border between The Raj and Westworld | HBO

Just how close are all of the parks to one another? And what is preventing hosts from one park from wandering into another one?

Apparently, The Raj is right next door to Westworld. In Episode 3, Grace finds herself at the park’s border, where there exists a laser gate. A voice says, “Attention: you have reached the boundary of the guest experience area. Please turn back.”

This laser gate seems to be intended to prevent hosts from crossing, yet the Bengal tiger is able to do so. According to Ashley Stubbs earlier in the season, this has never happened before.

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6. Shogun World is another one of the parks

Samurai fighting inside a mirrored room.
Shogun World is teased in Season 1. | HBO

Another park that we know about is Shogun World, a Samurai-themed area. This park was actually teased in Season 1 when Maeve discovered Samurai hosts and saw a logo with the letters “SW.” Fans at the time assumed that this stood for Samurai World. But the show has since revealed that it’s actually Shogun World.

According to that website, Shogun World is the second park, with Westworld being the first and The Raj being the sixth. The website also describes the park by saying that it offers guests a chance to “embrace their inner warrior, in a landscape of highest beauty and darkest horror.”

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7. Shogun World is based on the Edo period

A glimpse into the new park in Westworld.
This image from the Delos Destinations website seems to be of Shogun World. | HBO

Showrunners Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy told Entertainment Weekly that they wanted to introduce Shogun World because they both loved Japanese cinema growing up.

They also teased that the theme park is specifically based on the Edo period, i.e. 1603 through 1867. And they suggested that it’s even more violent than Westworld. Nolan said that it’s “an alternately brutal and beautiful world that raises the volume on what the guests might be looking for.”

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8. The other parks might include Future World

A robot with an exposed mechanical face stands in a warehouse.
Futureworld | American International Pictures

Now that we know about Westworld, Shogun World, and The Raj, there are still three more parks within the Westworld universe. So what might these parks be?

Well, in the movie that Westworld is based on, there’s another park called Roman World, which is modeled after the city of Pompeii. Another one of the parks is Medieval World. In addition, the movie sequel revealed that there’s a futuristic-themed park called Future World, as well as one called Spa World, where you can go to relax and eliminate pain.

It remains to be seen whether any of these parks will be adapted into the show or whether the series’ creators will dream up three entirely new ones instead.

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