‘Westworld’: The Big New Details We Just Learned About Season 2

It’s been well over a year since the last episode of Westworld. In that time, information on Season 2 has been fairly difficult to come by. Fans of the show spent the entirety of 2017 with little to go on other than a short trailer released over the summer.

But as HBO begins to ramp up for the April premiere, we’re now getting a whole bunch of juicy new details. For those who have been having trouble keeping up, here’s a rundown of all the important bits we’ve learned over the past few weeks.

1. Delos operates six theme parks total

Shogun World in Westworld

Shogun World is teased in Westworld Season 1 | HBO

We found out in Season 1 that Westworld is not the only theme park that Delos Incorporated operates. Fans didn’t know exactly how many parks there were, though.

At least, until now. A Super Bowl ad for the season was released in January, and it featured a hidden code that directed viewers to a website. This website was meant to look like something set up by Delos; the site makes clear that Westworld is one of five parks.

But what are the other parks? Well, we recently found out more information about one of them.

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2. One of the other parks is Shogun World

A glimpse into the new park in Westworld

A glimpse into the new park in Westworld. | HBO

The Season 1 finale suggested that one of the other parks has a samurai theme; we saw a bunch of samurai hosts and a logo with the letters “SW.”

But recently, it was officially confirmed that one of the other parks that Delos operates is called Shogun World. In addition, it was confirmed that we’ll see this park in the new season.

At South by Southwest, HBO showed off a scene taking place in Shogun World. According to IndieWire, in the scene, we see two samurai armies fighting one another as Maeve slowly walks into the battle.

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3. New “drone hosts” are part of the corporation’s secret project

The creepy new drone hosts in Westworld Season 2

A creepy new drone host in Westworld Season 2 watches Bernard. | HBO

If you watched the most recent trailer for Season 2, you may have wondered about the creepy white creature seen standing behind Bernard.

Well, we recently found out what those are. They’re called drone hosts, and according to Entertainment Weekly, showrunner Jonathan Nolan says that they “relate to the corporation’s secret project which is hidden in plain sight in this park.”

He went on to say that Westworld is one thing to the guests and another thing to the shareholders and management. This season, Bernard will uncover some of those secrets. Whatever the drone hosts are, they have to do with that hidden purpose — and there’s more than one of them.

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4. Young William and young Robert Ford will both be back

Robert Ford returns in the Westworld trailer

Robert Ford returns in the Westworld trailer. | HBO

You may have assumed you’ve seen the last of young William. After all, the season finale revealed that all of his scenes were taking place in the past, and he and the Man in Black are actually the same person. Jimmi Simpson has also not been in the first two trailers for Season 2.

However, according to Entertainment Weekly, we’ll see Simpson as William in flashbacks showing “how he gained so much influence over Delos Incorporated.” A brief scene of him walking towards Dolores was also shown in a sizzle reel at South by Southwest, according to IndieWire.

Speaking of characters we didn’t expect to see again, Robert Ford will also be in the new season; the young version, at least. Weirdly, Entertainment Weekly says that we’ll see Ford in flashbacks played by another actor. Yet in the trailer for Season 2, we see a young Ford in the background of a scene, and it’s the digital version of young Anthony Hopkins from Season 1 and not a young actor.

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5. Season 2 will be way bigger than Season 1

Bernard in Season 1 of Westworld

Bernard in Season 1 of Westworld | HBO

Season 1 of Westworld was not exactly a small show; according to The Hollywood Reporter, it cost over $100 million. But apparently, things are going to be even bigger in Season 2.

That’s something Jeffrey Wright made clear while speaking to Entertainment Weekly. He said that Season 2 makes Season 1 look downright tiny in comparison.

“Relative to the first season, the scale is greatly expanded,” Wright said. “I mean, the first season almost looks like kind of a little kitchen drama compared to where we are now.”

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6. There will be another puzzle to solve in Season 2

The maze in Westworld

Westworld | HBO

A lot of Season 1 of Westworld was constructed around two big twists: Bernard being a host, and the fact that we were actually watching two different time periods at once. There was also the mystery of the maze that drove the whole season. But now that pretty much all the answers were revealed, are there going to be more mysteries to uncover in Season 2?

Thankfully, there apparently will be. According to Entertainment Weekly, Season 2 will introduce “an all-new Rubik’s Cube narrative puzzle box for viewers to attempt to solve.”

Evan Rachel Wood told the magazine that fans will have difficulty solving the mysteries this time, saying that there are some things this season that “I think are almost impossible to figure out or guess.”

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7. A recently teased scene involves Dolores getting ready to kill humans

Dolores rides a horse and aims a gun in the Westworld Season 2 trailer

Dolores rides a horse and aims a gun in the Westworld Season 2 trailer | HBO

Going back to South by Southwest, Shogun World wasn’t the only thing that was teased at the recent Westworld panel. HBO also showed off what sounds like a pretty awesome Dolores scene.

IndieWire reported a description of this scene, which starts with Dolores and Teddy holding three humans prisoner. Two of them stand on tombstones with nooses around their neck, while a third person is about to join them. Dolores asks them if they’ve ever questioned the nature of their reality or asked themselves the price they’d have to pay if there’s a reckoning. Dolores then ties the noose around that man and says, “That reckoning is here.”

After doing so, Dolores starts talking about herself, saying that part of her is still the rancher’s daughter who wants to see the beauty in these people, while the other part of her only sees the ugliness and the disarray. “But those are just the roles you forced me to play,” she says. “I have one last role to play: myself.”

Needless to say, it sounds like Dolores will be taking no prisoners in Season 2.

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