‘Westworld’: What the Official Website Easter Eggs Revealed

Spoilers ahead for Westworld!

The DiscoverWestworld.com homepage went wonky right after the Season 1 finale

The DiscoverWestworld.com homepage | DiscoverWestworld.com

Something weird is happening at Westworld. At least, that’s what the website for HBO’s newest hit series would have you believe. Since Sunday, December 4, the digital hubs for Westworld have been wonky, to say the least. Fans have scoured DiscoverWestworld.com and DelosIncorporated.com to try and find clues about the show’s second season. After all, we have plenty of unanswered questions, and not all that many ways to go about getting answers until Season 2 premieres.

DiscoverWestworld.com was initially set up to resemble a marketing website for the park itself. In the past, it’s offered up interesting information like how to plan your visit there, and what you might expect to see. Since the Season 1 finale aired, though, the website is decidedly less welcoming. When you first hit the site, the picture scrambles and reveals distorted, fragmented clips of Dolores and William from the series. Then, it launches into a dialogue box with a user — seemingly a host — named Aeden. The conversation defaults to a script — but you can type in your own questions, too. And a lot of the time, Aeden’s answers are surprisingly revealing.

So far, fans have found some pretty interesting intel in these website Easter eggs. There’s hints about key characters’ fates, and insight into what’s going on inside the park now that the hosts have taken over. Here’s what we’ve learned so far.

The hosts have taken over Delos

Aeden tells website visitors "...places and events don't matter anymore. There is nothing here for you, and what's left belongs to us."

A conversation with Aeden | DiscoverWestworld.com

We haven’t met Aeden on Westworld, at least as far as we know. But he has turned out to be one of our best resources for understanding what’s going on with the hosts and the park now that Dr. Ford’s “Journey Into Night” narrative is in full swing.

On DiscoverWestworld.com, Aeden isn’t willing or able to give up concrete information about what’s happening in the Delos theme park. But his answers are nonetheless revealing. He talks about starting to remember events from the past, and then indicates that some major changes are happening. “There is nothing here for you, and what’s left belongs to us.”

If Aeden is in fact a host, his mentality definitely indicates that the sentient awareness that Dolores and Maeve exhibited is, in fact, widespread across the hosts. And more importantly, it’s clear that the Delos board is no longer in control of the park or its adjoining labs. They now belong to the robots. While none of this should be shocking to fans who watched the finale, it definitely hints at both the tone and the balance of power we’ll see when Season 2 returns.

Characters’ future motivations are revealed

A conversation with Aeden on DiscoverWestworld.com reveals information about Bernard and Arnold

Aeden spills the beans on Arnold and Bernard | DiscoverWestworld.com

Aeden can be pretty opaque when it comes to revealing details. But there is at least one perk to chatting with him. He seems to know all about some of our favorite characters, and what exactly they’re going through as the park spins out of control around them. If you ask Aeden about William, he insinuates that he’s still alive in the park. He also says that the “titan of industry” is looking at a level playing field inside the park, and questions if he’s truly ready to know its secrets.

Aeden also reveals that Bernard will have to grapple with his future, and confirms that Dolores found her destiny, and is now Wyatt. Some of these revelations could be inferred from watching Westworld, but they also clearly point to where each character will be — mentally and physically — when we meet up with them again. The only character’s fate he wouldn’t even hint about? Dr. Ford, and that omission is pretty telling, too.

The park is in chaos

An email from Delos tells fans that there has been a security breach in the park.

A letter from Delos | HBO

Westworld‘s official website isn’t the only digital platform where communications have gone rogue, though. Fans who signed up for updates about the series received an email from Delos shortly after the Season 1 finale aired. And it hinted that damage control is in full force for the corporation. The message from Quality Assurance is addressed to employees and references a security breach. Though the tone of the email is calm, there’s an underlying urgency. “We need all current staff members to check in to the system” could signal that the breach is still occurring. It could also mean that they have no idea how many casualties they’ve suffered on the internal side.

If we read between the lines, one thing is very clear: Westworld is in total chaos, and the people at Delos are struggling to figure out what to do next.

A major character could still be alive

A map on DelosIncorporated.com appears to show Elsie alive.

Elsie is in Sector 20 | DelosIncorporated.com

When you click through the link in Delos’s email, you’re allegedly supposed to receive a secure message. Instead, when you get to DelosIncorporated.com, you see a bunch of garbled code. This, of course, indicates that their internal site has also been compromised. However, one brilliant Reddit user figured out that if you type “reverie” into an admin box, you can get into the website — at least, sort-of.

The servers within Delos’s site don’t reveal much about what’s happening at the company. But you do¬†get to both hear and see a character that many of us thought was dead. Within the site, you can access two videos. The first is a quick clip of Elsie Hughes’s voice saying “Hello.” The second shows her location within the park on a tablet. Together, these clues seem to indicate that she’s still alive, though maybe not well, inside the park. If that’s the case, it’s good news for fans of the behavior tech, and a sign that she’ll reappear.

It’s too early to tell whether Westworld‘s websites will continue to reveal anything else before Season 2. But it won’t hurt to check in every now and then to see if Aeden has any new information.

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