What Advice Would Princess Diana Give Prince William About Cheating Scandals?

All the “what-ifs” about departed pop icons being alive now are tantalizing to think about. We’ve seen a few who try to put together alternative timelines on what would have happened had Princess Diana survived her car crash in Paris almost 22 years ago. No doubt she would have made progress on numerous international causes she supported just before her death. Most people think she also would have been happy with Prince William and Prince Harry marrying good women.

It seems likely she would have loved Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, but perhaps leery about the past repeating itself. With recent news of William’s alleged affair, how would his mother have handled it? She’s perhaps already speaking through her son.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana cheating fiasco

Let’s step back in time to the late 1980s and early ’90s. Those of you in America may remember seeing all the countless covers telling about Charles cheating on Diana with Camilla Parker Bowles, and Diana cheating on Charles with various guys. There seemed to be no end to the rumor mill, even if some of them were confirmed without the aid of British or American tabloids.

More recently, we’ve learned a lot more about that time and what was going on. Some media outlets have even reported on how Diana went to Harry and William’s school to tell them (point blank) about their father cheating with Camilla.

Is Prince William repeating his father’s mistakes?

One thing we still don’t understand about genetics is how bad habits can sometimes manifest in offspring without self-realization. With Charles’s penchant for cheating on Diana (and William standing up for him in recent years), we have to wonder if there’s something in the bloodline that makes it a repeatable offense.

Is there something in the royal line suggesting they can get away with affairs? If so, there’s been a tight lid on this for decades. Then again, based on what we know about William and what he believes in, it still seems crazy he’d risk everything to have an affair, particularly with Kate’s best friend.

Should there be any truth to it, we can envision what Diana would have done to help her son through a potential PR nightmare.

What would Princess Diana say?

There isn’t any doubt Diana would rally to William’s defense if it turns out the affair has legs. She’d also likely give him advice on how to handle the PR, something he might have trouble with since he doesn’t have an A-list PR fixer like Harry and Meghan now have.

Diana had a hard time controlling news about her affairs because of the relentless paparazzi hounding her every minute. Unfortunately, she had to endure being a test subject on how to handle things, but also gaining knowledge on how to better deal with the paparazzi and public relations.

Had Diana lived, it’s likely she would have hired someone like Sara Latham to take over all PR for her other relationships and later life. Most of all, Diana might have also passed on advice about being honest, no matter how harsh the reality is.

Princess Diana would have promoted honesty

Let’s never forget Diana eventually did TV interviews where she talked openly and honestly about her affairs and troubles in the royal circle. For many, this transparency was important to show Diana as a real person with many flaws.

Outside of William seemingly being a worthy husband and father, we should expect he has things about him the public might not like.

If there’s anything definite in what Diana would do, she’d probably advise William to admit to any wrongdoing and move on from there. Yet, when you’re still officially a royal, that admittance may have to be with the wife only and not millions of people watching you on TV.