What Annoyed the Cast of ‘Summer House’ About Seeing Themselves on Camera?

Being on reality television can be a pretty big eye opener. Many reality personalities cringe, especially at first, when they see themselves on camera. And the cast of Summer House is no exception.

The cast appeared on the web series Builder and dished about the upcoming season. This is the third season for the Bravo series and it features both seasoned and new cast members. Missing this year are the infamous Wirkus twins and pal Stephen Mcgee. The trio always seemed to bring plenty of drama, but the cast promises a drama-fueled season. Three new cast members joined the group to make the show interesting.

Jordan Verroi, Hannah Berner, Kyle Cooke, Danielle Olivera, Carl Radke, Lindsay Hubbard, Paige DeSorbo, and Amanda Batula /Getty Images

Build host Gibson Johns wanted to know from veteran cast members if they noticed anything from past season like ticks or things they did, that they didn’t know they actually did (and annoyed them)?

Facial expressions

Some people may not realize they make certain faces or do certain things. For instance, cast member Danielle Olivera said she wasn’t thrilled knowing she’s constantly rubbing her lips together. “I do it all the time,” Olivera says. “I do like that with my lips and I annoy myself. I’m like why are my lips so dry all the time?”

Lindsay Hubbard said she was curious where she gets her facial expressions. “Because I make some wild facial expressions,” she says. “I just can’t help it. It just comes natural for me and I don’t think it will ever go away, unfortunately.”

Cast member Amanda Batula struggled to find anything that really annoyed her on camera. “I was really nervous actually to see myself on camera and see what I’d do and the facial expressions,” she admitted. “I was pleasantly surprised with how I actually acted.” But after some thinking, Batula found something she didn’t love. She adds the one thing she doesn’t like watching is seeing herself cry. “I am an ugly crier,” she says.

And then there’s this

Cast member Carl Radke says he thinks he’s always filmed eating. “Every time I’m talking there’s food in my mouth,” Radke says. “I’m not sure what that’s all about.”

When cast member Kyle Cooke watched the first season he made this observation. “Going back to season one, I actually just watched the first episode of season one,” he said. “I thought ‘wow I actually do look like a douchebag!'”

This may be the biggest

Summer House is based on a group of millennials who rent a home in the Hamptons for the summer and have a rip-roaring good time. That means they party hard. “It’s also hard because when most people go out, get drunk and wake up extremely hung over,” Hubbard says. “You’re not on camera doing that.”

“When we wake up, we’re on camera,” she continues. “Sometimes we’re looking like a hot mess. Like we try to do our best to brush our hair before we go downstairs to get a coffee, but sometimes it doesn’t always happen.”

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