What Are Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Doing With All Of Their Baby Gifts?

Meghan Markle is due to give birth to her first child in a matter of weeks and already, the duchess and her husband, Prince Harry, are getting a slew of baby gifts. From the moment the royal couple announced they were expecting, they’ve been receiving gifts from dignitaries across the globe on their various royal tours, trinkets from their family, and baby shower gifts from Markle’s close friends.

Since the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are in the middle of a move from their 2-bedroom apartment at Kensington Palace to their estate, Frogmore Cottage, what are they doing with all their baby gifts?

Can Meghan Markle and Prince Harry accept baby gifts?

The royals have very particular rules about gifts. If you recall –the duke and duchess asked for donations to their favorite charities for the wedding. However, they are allowed to accept gifts from close friends and family.

Royals history author Leslie Carroll explained to TIME, “There’s no official royal prohibition against members of the royal family receiving gifts from their friends or family members. If Serena [Williams] or Amal [Clooney] want to give Meghan a cute little onesie for the baby, that’s not a crime. They bought her things that would be sweet and sentimental and personal.” However, under no circumstances are royals ever allowed to accept unsolicited gifts or things given to them by the public.

What happens to gifts given to Baby Sussex from the public?

For safety reasons–the royals must say thanks but no thanks to all unsolicited gifts for Baby Sussex. CNN royals commentator Victoria Arbiter told TIME, “If there’s a return address on the package, the mailroom staff will promptly send it back with a note — “probably not from Harry and Meghan, but from the office. The royal mailroom, you can imagine, is pretty intense. If they’re sent from a company, they will definitely be sent back [or donated], because the royals don’t want to be walking billboards.”

How can you congratulate Meghan Markle and Prince Harry on Baby Sussex’s arrival?

Now that you know the royals cannot accept gifts from random folks, we hope you don’t go out and purchase Baby Sussex a stuffed animal. However, if you do want to congratulate them on their bundle of joy –you can send them a lovely card via snail mail.

Arbiter explained, “If people send cards congratulating them on the baby, they will get a reply at some stage. It may take some time, but they will get a reply, and it’s a nice way to show their appreciation.” Imagine recieving a signed thak you note from the duke and duchess? We would be thrilled.

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