What are the Duggar Family’s Social Media Rules?

The Duggar family has some hard rules when it comes to what their kids can and can not do. The girls can’t wear pants while living in the house, and they can’t have any private time with a significant other until marriage. In fact, it looks like the Duggar kids aren’t even allowed to leave the house without a buddy in tow. Some of their most staunch rules, however, center around social media and the use of the internet. So, what rules have Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar laid down for their unmarried children when it comes to social media?

The Duggar boys aren’t allowed to have the internet on their phone

All of the Duggar boys must abide by their parent’s desire to keep them off of websites that are deemed inappropriate. At home, they use software designed to block off the majority of the web, but phone access is a bit harder to control. To prevent the boys from looking at anything untoward, they simply aren’t allowed to have access on their phones.

The Duggar family
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Jim Bob explained that many of the younger boys are given phones that don’t have browsing capabilities. For the unwed boys who do have smartphones, they can not access safari or download any apps without their father’s approval.

The goal is to keep them from being led astray, and many fans believe the rule was enacted after the eldest Duggar boy, Josh Duggar, acted inappropriately towards family and a family friend. While the family hasn’t spoken about the smartphone issue in some time, it’s assumed that the same rules apply.

Social media is strictly prohibited before courtship

Jana Duggar broke protocol when she joined Instagram at 28-years-old. Unwed with no suitor in sight, Jana mostly shares content about her garden and travels. It’s all very innocent, and it looks like she isn’t viewing any radical content either. She, however, was the first Duggar to join the network before becoming engaged.

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Romper surmises that the Duggar family forbids the use of social media before engagement because of the type of content that is easily accessible. Instagram, Twitter, and even Facebook are ripe with inappropriate (to the Duggars) content. It seems like the family strongly believes that once a woman or man finds their partner, that they won’t be as easily tempted.

Another option is that they are allowing the use of social media at all for the publicity that comes with it. Once a Duggar becomes engaged, all eyes are suddenly on them. By allowing them into the world of social media at that time, the family is striking while the iron is hot. Their allowance might all be an attempt to further the family’s brand. Jim Bob is, after all, a businessman at heart.

What happens once the kids are married?

Once the Duggar kids get married, they are considered a part of their own family. The “leave and cleave” principle is common in ultra-conservative Christian communities. In short, the family uses a bible passage that essentially suggests that once a man (or woman) is married, they leave their parents family and join their own. In the Duggar family’s case, that means the boys become entirely responsible for their phone and internet usage. They abide by whatever rules seem to work for them.

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The girls, on the other hand, are passed off to their waiting spouse. The husband is then considered the “authority” figure and can make decisions for his wife and children. In Jinger’s case, for example, Jeremy gave the okay for pants. Jill’s husband, Derick Dillard, seems completely fine with a nose ring. In Jessa’s case, cable television is considered perfectly acceptable.