What Big Announcement Did Rory Feek Make About His Blog?

Rory Feek’s blog has been a beacon for the millions of fans who follow him. The country music singer and writer’s moving real-life stories have drawn fans from throughout the world, offering a beautiful and sometimes painful look into his life. 

Feek documented his marriage to Joey Feek as the two took the country music scene by storm. Their love story and lifestyle appealed to a large swath of fans as they launched a television show amid tours and recording.

Rory Feek performs on the Flint Rasmussen show
Rory Feek performs on the Flint Rasmussen show | Mindy Small/FilmMagic

He also documented the couple’s joy when he learned he and his wife would become parents. But Feek also wrote about the devastation he experienced when the couple discovered that Joey had cancer shortly after their daughter, who has Down syndrome, was born. Joey died when their child was only two years old. After becoming a widower, Feek continued with his popular blog. But recently he made an announcement that big changes are coming. 

This blog is going away

Feek started his September 9 entry telling fans the blog would be “going away.” But he added, “Sort of.” After five years of blogging and documenting his extraordinary life, he is pivoting to documenting other people’s lives.

“I started writing this blog on the 6th of January, 2014. Joey and I were about to have a baby and knew that the days, weeks and months ahead were incredibly important, so we stopped making the tv show that we’d had for the last two years,” Feek wrote. “The one that had changed our lives completely. We also stopped singing on stage, recording music or doing anything else… except getting ready for our baby and the year that lay ahead.”

He documented what was on the horizon, which was not what he thought would happen. “We had thought we were going to homestead. To simplify and tell the story of our new baby coming and our first year with her or him. But God gave us a much different story that year than we had in mind. One that included a little girl with Down syndrome, a new mother with cancer, and ultimately two years later… me standing over a wooden cross, holding the hand of one of them and letting the other one go.”

Feek will chronical new stories 

Although Feek’s prolific blog posts resonate with so many of his followers, he wants to start weaving the stories of others into his art.

“But now, here it is five years since that first blog post, and I’ve come to realize that I can’t do it anymore. Literally. I can’t be in the stories and capture them. At least not by myself. I used to be able to, because they were about Joey. About us. I could point the camera at her and have me be part of it sometimes. And though Joey was in front of the camera, she was also behind the scenes making sure that life was running well, while I told and shared the story well. But that’s too difficult to pull off now. Without Joey. With just Indy and me.”

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…Mother’s Day 2014.

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Along with his announcement, Feek shared a beautifully shot video with throwback moments, plus his hope for what plans to do in 2020. “Here’s an early trailer of the what this blog is about to turn into,” he revealed. “We start filming and capturing stories for it later this coming week and episodes will air on RFD-TV starting the first week of January, 2020. And yes, each one will be available at the same time here on my blog, YouTube and Facebook.” He ended his blog post sharing that he marked what would have been his wife’s 44 birthday, “One last thing…,” he added. “Today is my pretty bride’s birthday. She would be 44 years young today. In my mind and in my heart, she’s still here. Still a big part of this story we’re living and telling, even now, three and a half years after she left us. “