What Big Changes Could Captain Lee Be Making On ‘Below Deck?’

Captain Lee Rosbach | Captain Lee Rosbach Instagram

Captain Lee Rosbach from Below Deck threw down the gauntlet after the latest charter was consumed with missteps and mistakes. He tells chief stewardess Kate Chastain his bosun, Chandler Brooks is dropping the ball.

Meanwhile, the deck crew looks completely freaked out after meeting with Rosbach. Even though Brooks tells the team they all need to pull it together, deckhand Ashton Pienaar says they are running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Pretty good analogy as heads look like they are going to roll.

The lack of communication is a huge red flag

Rosbach is filmed covering deck chairs and performing basic low-level deckhand duties when the entire deck crew is off the boat and radio communication is nonexistent. Later he tweeted, referring to Brooks, “If he had his radio on he would have heard what the rest of the crew already knew. It’s getting old.” Also, “Do you ever listen to your radio? I think not. And you just won’t adapt. What a waste of talent. Sad.”

Captain Sandy Yawn chimed in about the importance of communication. “Communication is the first level of team work – wise words, @Capthlr!”

Rosbach says at that point his patience level was rather transparent. And that while he wasn’t angry he was disappointed. “Did I want him [Brooks] to do better?” Rosbach queries. “Yes. Was he listening to what I was telling him? No.”

Here’s where Rosbach hints that ‘winter is coming’

Perhaps Rosbach has seen enough. He’s been stuck with deckhand duties at least more than once due to poor communication. And he’s done. “H’mmm, who makes the game plan, and who is responsible for it. The bosun makes the plan, but I am responsible and will have to deal with it as I will. But there will be consequences.”

Other foibles on deck include the segment where Brooks tries to transport guests from the ship’s tender to land. However one guest slips and falls (hard) immediately after stepping onto a rock, which looks bad for Brooks. Additionally, when the guests want to go off-shore fishing, Brooks sends deckhands who aren’t fisherman instead of deckhand Rhylee Gerber, who (as she’s made it abundantly clear) is a fishing boat captain.

“As good leader finds his assets and utilizes them for the overall good of whatever it is you are trying to accomplish,” Rosbach says in The Below Deck After Show. “He’s got an asset there but because he’s walking around with his heart on, he’s not going to utilize it.”Rosbach also didn’t know any of this was occurring at the time nor did he know guests had left for shore.

And then there was Caroline

One possible change could be that Bedol ends up having to leave the boat. After a rocky start, where she seemed to be constantly left out of the stew crew, she experienced an injury that put her on the sidelines. Whether she had an exotic bug bite or twisted her ankle, the crew agrees her foot is swollen. However, the interior team is stretched thin and Chastain’s anxiety shows through when she offers Bedol a comfortable area to rest. But says either the foot gets better in a few days or Bedol might need to consider leaving.

Of course, Chastain’s words feel like a threat, making Bedol feel even more fragile and on the outside. She eventually works through the pain, even though the swelling is reduced, but Rosbach notices Bedol seems fragile. He blogs about how she needs to toughen with regard to Chastain. But then launches into his concern about how she disregarded the doctor’s instructions for how to care for her foot.

“According to him [the doctor], nothing serious that some antibiotics wouldn’t take care of. That being said, you also need to follow his instructions as well. When you were supposed to be icing your foot you were doing your hair when you should have been horizontal with ice on your foot while elevating it to reduce the swelling. But you didn’t. It’s hard to feel bad for your discomfort when you don’t do what’s needed to alleviate it. Sometimes you just have to deal with it and work through it.”

So who gets fired (or what are the big changes)?

BELOW DECK — Pictured: (l-r) Ashton Pienaar, Ross Inia — (Photo by: Greg Endries/Bravo)

Second stew Josiah Carter tweeted, “That’s it for this weeks episode. What did everyone think? Who should go or stay or should it stay the same? Let me know your thoughts.” For the most part, followers had two crew members in the crosshairs: Brooks and Bedol.

Most predicted that Bedol gets fired and Brooks is demoted, with the second deckhand, Ross Inia taking over as bosun. However, one intuitive follower pointed out while the entire cast is tweeting and commenting, Brooks has been solidly silent the entire season. “I’m thinking Chandler gets a ticket as he’s not tweeting, IG is private call me crazy.”

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